Days 307 – 313 of Project 365

307-313 of 365

307. Closed (We took The Boy to Legoland as a treat for the end of half-term. This sign is not indicative of the day as it was taken at 5.15 at the time and the park was shut. We had been on every single ride that we'd wanted to, and indeed I even managed to go on a rollercoaster for the first time ever. We actually went on it five times, four of them in a row without even getting off!)

308. Splosh (Jumping up and down in muddy puddles, true Peppa Pig style.)

309. Captivated (Fireworks Night! The display at the local rec was far superior than I ever thought it would be, and it made us realise that we won't be heading to Cardiff Castle again to waste a ridiculous amount of money on an over the top display.)

310. Dapper (The Boy was trying on his suit for his aunt's wedding on Saturday. He kept asking how long he'd have to wear it for! Eeeek!)

311. Sparkler (His face isn't in focus as he was too animated, but I love the delight on his face with these delayed sparklers.)

312. Wading (A trip to the local nature reserve after school to feed the swans and check out how much the lake had risen with all the rain of the week.)

313. My Pride & Joy (Here he is, my dapper little man, all dressed up for his aunt's wedding. He behaved beautifully and completely stole the show.)

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  1. says

    Oh the Boy looks so adorable in his suit!!

    We did a few sparklers at home too, Bee was fascinated by them.

    Hope you are enjoying the wedding.

  2. says

    How grown up and adorbale your young man is. Apparently there's a Filipino word for it – Gigil (the urge to pinch or squeeze something that is irrisitably cute)

  3. says

    i am assuming Legoland was not up to much then with everything shut??? or did you go on its final day and that was the sign as you left???
    The boy looks so cute in his suit 🙂 and what a great soarkelr shot and I also like the welly splashing puddle ones x

  4. says

    The boy looks adorable in his suit and I love the sparkler shot – i feel a bit guilty not doing fireworks this year.
    Hope the wedding went well xx

  5. says

    He is adorable in his suit. Loved the photo you posted onto IG (would be perfect for todays 365 ;-))
    The sparkler photo is perfect! We haven't got to a party yet but our friends are having a bleated one next weekend so watch out for my attempts 🙂

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