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In the run-up to the launch of the 365 linky back in January 2012, I was nervous that no-one would join in. I bullied some blogging friends to give it a go and support me, and they came through, which was a big relief. Many of the blogs, I'd already heard of and most of the others were UK parent bloggers, however one or two people who linked came as a complete surprise.

Like Peg from A Kilt & A Camera.

A Kilt & A Camera

Peg is not a British parent blogger. Peg isn't British. She's also not a parent blogger.

What Peg is though, is a wonderful American lady who, with her ruggedly handsome and Scottish husband, has spent quite a lot of time in the past few years travelling the world. In the past 22 months since Peg's been linking up (when her travels allow her!) I have seen the wonderfully tropical life she had in Brazil be swapped for one in Newcastle, England. Seeing her 'From Where I Stand' photographs change from those of bare and tanned feet on a beach to ones of hiking boots on a snowy hillside, or the glistening-wet cobbles of Edinburgh amused me greatly. And they kept me captivated and hankering after more and more of her photography.

Having someone so removed from my own life and experiences join in the 365 linky was a surprise but a complete joy, and I must confess that I love spending time once a month catching up on her travels and life through the lens of someone on a completely different continent.

Which is why I've had such difficulty narrowing down my selection of the favourite photos by Peg, but here they are.

A Kilt & A Camera 1

Peg and her husband started 2012 in their sunny paradise of Brazil, visiting friends in the forests and mountains, and walking barefoot on golden sands. The Hockney-esque splash from an aquababe in the photo on the left with the small waterfall in the background, and sunkissed toes, is wonderfully tropical. The angle of the photographs in the 'From Where I Stand' series always makes me feel that I am the person taking the photograph, I'm in the scene and witnessing what the photographer is. I've chosen the red post box purely because seeing it in her photostream on flickr amuses me; such a contrast from the start of the year.

A Kilt & A Camera 2

For 2013 Peg decided to try a new theme of 'Through'. While I know that she found it quite challenging at first and missed the FWIS theme, she soon started to fly with the possible interpretations. I've chosen these two photographs because they show how in the past two years, her life has almost come full circle; the one on the left was from the start of 2013 and taken in Shetland at a Viking festival, the one on the right is back in Brazil (albeit a different city) where the travelling twosome have returned once again. (And no, I don't have a thing for Peg's feet, although they are very pretty.)

These are Peg's favourite six from her two years of Project 365 so far.


11/02/12 – Our very own beach, just steps from our apartment when we lived in Rio das Ostras, Brazil. Oh, how I miss this beach!


20/02/12 – Hammock Life. We spent many an afternoon nap listening to the sounds of the Atlantic Rainforest here at our friend's "country house" outside Rio de Janeiro.


16/05/12 – Ready to Ride. A beautiful springtime ride in the forests surrounding Mt. Rainier in Washington state.


14/10/11 – Ride! Taking a photo of my feet in action while riding a bike along the streets of Amsterdam earned me a few odd looks, but it was worth saving the memory. Luckily I didn't ride into anyone!


15/01/13 – Through Winter Branches and Snow. This fountain lived outside the window of our flat in Newcastle, England. It was our  weather indicator in a climate that changed daily.


28/04/12 – Through Barbed Wire. A very common example of home-security in Jundiaí, Brazil. We see this surrounding many of the houses here in our new city.

  • When did you start doing the 365 photo project, and why?

I had several photographer friends who had taken on 365 projects of their own, but for the longest time I balked at the idea. I tend to be a bit flaky and commitment phobic, and have a hard time sticking with projects to the end, but I really liked the idea. On New Year's Eve of 2011 I came across another photographer who had been doing a daily photo project for nearly two years, and I loved her theme. That's where I first heard of "From Where I Stand" (#fromwhereistand) and instantly loved it. I knew we would be traveling quite a bit for the upcoming year, so I had a chance of finding new and exciting locations, and no matter where I was, I always had my feet with me. I decided to start the very next day, on January 1st.

  • Why did you decide to continue the project for a second year?

I absolutely loved how the project had become a daily journal of sorts, and documented what turned out to be an epic year for us. I have photos from five different countries on three continents, and one or two from somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean on an airplane. I can look back at those photos and remember exactly where I was, and sometimes who I was with. Most of my friends got used to me rounding them up to get their feet in my photos. I quickly learned to explain what the heck I was doing in two languages.

I changed my theme after the first year from "From Where I Stand" to "Through", and have enjoyed the challenge of finding ways to take a photo which represents the theme. I do miss my "FWIS" photos though, and I think I'll pick it up again for next year.

  • What's the best bit about doing a 365 photo project?

It's a great way to remind yourself to pay attention to where you are, and what's around you. Too often I find myself floating through my days and not really seeing how lucky we are. To stop and find something to commemorate makes me realize how much I have to be grateful for.

  • Are there times when you've wanted to give up, why? What kept you going?

There have been quite a few days when I have no idea what to shoot, or how to get creative when it's 10pm and I've forgotten my shot for the day. Those are the days when I tell myself to just skip it, and make it up tomorrow, but I know myself. Once I go down that road I have been known to "forget" for days at a time. I've had to discipline myself a bit to make sure I'm on top of it. Having a theme I loved really helped, and as much as I'm enjoying the creativity of the "through" theme, I'll be glad to get back to "FWIS" next year. It was way more fun.

  • What tips would you give to anyone who wants to start a 365 project?

Like I mentioned above, find a theme you love! If the project is fun, and you have a good time doing it, you'll be much more likely to stick it out. You'll also really love looking back through those photos to remember the moment you took them. It doesn't matter if it's your feet, your dog, sunsets, water, or your vegetable garden, if you're really enjoying the project it won't ever feel like a chore.

  • Anything else you'd like to add?

Don't forget to go back and look over those photos. Brian and I still have a great time looking through ours from the last two years, and it never fails to get us talking about great times we had, and good friends we've enjoyed spending time with.

What would your 'From Where I Stand' photo from today be?

Please pop back next Thursday when I introduce you to the only dad who's been 'man' enough to take on the 365 Project in two years: OneDad3Girls.

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  1. says

    Those photos are beautiful. I love the different angles on some really simple objects, makes it so eye catching. I'm not sure i follow her. I need to rectify this to gaze at more pics!

  2. says

    I have always loved Peg's photos and I love the 'From Where I Stand' photos they add a personal touch to her photos.

    It's also nice to see a persons photos where their life isn't revolving around their children like most of ours.

  3. Lauren Jewhurst (@laurenbigeejit) says

    It's always good to see familiar things through the eyes of someone for whom they are totally new and unusual! It makes you appreciate them so much more x

  4. says

    I think I have missed a fair few of Peg's pictures – they mainly make me jealous – for once upon a time that would have been me travelling the world! I love the idea of a theme and this has given me ideas for next year. I also like the FWIS idea as I have more than once taken pictures of my feet. Not sure my feet go to exciting enough places at the moment though! I love the barbed wire and the hammock as well as the post box and that cycling one must have been very tricky!

  5. says

    Love the fact so many of the photos involve her feet and that barbed wire piccie is amazing.
    I will be awaiting her next post with anticipation!

  6. says

    Peg is a very talented photographer and what a joy to capture so many moments and memories from her travels. that barbed wire shot is astounding vusually and then you read her words and it puts the photot in to a whole new perspective! i do like the from where i stand theme – it gives the voyeur a real insight into the life of the subjects x

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