In The Woodshed (#SundayPropShop)

Throughout the past fifteen or so years, there has been an infiltration into both my own, and my parents' house.

Wood is creeping in. Very slowly.

Our wedding present from my dad was a large block of wood, and I've got several others lying around as well with various purposes.

But these aren't just rough lumps of wood, because quite frankly that would be very odd. These have been carefully nurtured into wonderful creations; the texture and natural shape of the wood shining through the hewn branches. And you might occasionally see these creations in my blog posts, with cakes or quiches adorning them, or pinecones and orange slices scattered across the top.

In The Woodshed 2

These are created inside the purpose built workshop that my dad has at the bottom of their garden. And it's quite fascinating inside.

In the woodshed


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