Days 293 – 299 of Project 365

293-299 of 365

This week I've attempted a week of 'From Where I Stand' photographs. The last time I did one of these was near the beginning of the year and the problem is that The Boy has grown 10cm in that time and is spending less time on the floor; it's a bit tricky getting my arm high enough and the camera's focus in the right point to capture the photo, but by and large I've got there! It's rather an uninspiring week, promise to do better next week.

293. Pebble Plopper (A rather non-productive day was rescued by a trip down to the beach and a good pebble plopping session.)

294. #2 (Practising the number 2. I've learnt to angle the sheet in towards his body so that the bottom left corner is pointing at his chest, otherwise letters and numbers end up lying on their sides; such is the tricks I'm having to learn for a leftie son!)

295. Disco Lights (Playing with the underwater light show at bathtime, my feet are there honestly, but the room is dark and you can't see them.)

296. GBBO (The Great Boy Bake Off; making cakes for the school cake sale.)

297. Pointy Toes (A snap before bedtime as it's been rather a tiring day, and week. The week's not complete without a sleeping Boy photo.)

298. Spin (At the clifftop park and he's becoming quite the dare devil on the roundabout.)

299. Reach For The Rope (The Boy exploring a local timber trail.)

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  1. says

    it is lovely to see photos of him from looking down on him. I love his cheeky happy face in the first photo and the bath light show photo is just wonderful. i do not think you have anything to apologise for this week with your photos, i thought they were just lovely 🙂

  2. says

    grown 10 cm this year, good grief poor Bob has manages a whole cm….
    Lovely angle, great pics and as usual they all hold such nice memories. Not been pebble plopping for a while now we not near the river or beach. dont think they would be too chuffed at the fishery somehow.

  3. says

    They grow so quickly. I remember when my boys only reached my shoulder, I don't reach theirs now!
    You do a great job at keeping him active both inside and wonder he sleeps so well. 🙂

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