Dr. Archy For Planter Fasciitus (Review)

Around five years ago I developed a painful condition in the arch of my feet which meant that I would end up hobbling along on the outside edge of my feet; hardly safe or practical, let alone looking mighty odd.

The condition I'd developed was something called 'Plantar Fasciitis' which is essentially inflammation of plantar fascia ligament, which is the tight ligament that can be felt running along the base of the foot when the toes are pulled upwards to the body. This ligament is meant to be soft and elastic and not have any painful points along the length of it, however it can be quite common to develop inflammation along it, and while common, it is incredibly painful.

The best way I can describe it is as if there are tiny pebbles pushed into the arch of my foot and the ligament is on fire; it makes it incredibly difficult to walk on and I struggled to find a remedy for it.

I saw a physiotherapist for it who was able to give me some exercises and after around six months, my feet recovered. However, come the Summer months (when my feet were hotter and footwear was less supportive) I developed it again, and I do every year. It's meant that I have to be careful of the shoes I wear; they have to have an arch support and a slight heel of around one inch, flat shoes are the worst to wear.

Earlier this year, I was sent a product to review which helps to treat the pain of Plantar Fasciitis and I was amazed at how simple it was to use.

Dr Archy

The Dr. Archy is a simple massage device which should be used for five minutes a day to massage the plantar fascia ligament. There is an elasticated cuff which is placed onto the foot, and then one of two elasticated rollers is attached and used to massage the area. I preferred to use the ball roller as I found it was able to really access the area of the ligament which was painful.

"Dr. Archy provides the therapeutic benefits of trigger-point therapy (the release of painful muscular knots) and myofascial release (deep tissue work) by stretching, massaging, and relaxing the plantar fascia."

Having struggled to massage my own foot as I am incredibly ticklish, and also found it hard to massage a painful area, using this has been great because I could have the much needed massage without having to touch my own painful feet!

The Dr. Archy retails for £18.95 from J.D.Harris

I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. Painful foot problems says

    Dr. Archy worked like a miracle! A few months back, I was suffering from severe foot pain but after massaging with Dr. Archy daily, my pain has lessened and more bearable.

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