Why Our Children Need Outdoor Play

I'm not going to bombard you with words or images in this post, just please spare the two minutes that you might normally sifting through all of that to watch this video.

PROJECT WILD THING – official trailer from Green Lions on Vimeo. David will be touring nationwide with the film, dates available here.

This is the man that made me realise why I have to ensure that we get plenty of outdoor play time in a week; because I can't have The Boy be one of those statistics.

Linking with Country Kids

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    Wow, that is just fantastic. Inspirational. I love the 'stop buying iPads, you have enough iPads now'… I know we're guilty of the technology thing in our house, but we also make a big effort to get the kids outside. But, it's not always easy competing with the TV and games… And there are (too) many days where I admit defeat. Thanks for posting this reminder to keep making the effort. (The lifespan comment was particularly hard hitting).

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    oh I love this, I am determined to make sure my girls get outside and just enjoy the simple pleasures in life, climbing trees, splashing in streams, even eating worms, those for me are what childhood should be all about.

    As a child I was rarely indoors, I still love getting out every day, I want them to do it too.

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    I really should have been part of project wild thing it is so in tune with Country Kids. Together I hope we can shift the modern attitude to outdoor fun and rediscover the childhoods that many of us parents were able to enjoy.

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