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Photography should tell a story; the best photographs in the world have got something going on in them, something hidden to be deciphered by the viewer, or sometimes something obvious which involves those looking at it. Alison from Five Go Blogging is one of those great character photographers on the 365 project.


Alison has been with me from the beginnings of the 365 linky, and her weekly collages are amongst those that I look forward to the most. I've noticed over that time that she has a few particular types of photographs that she likes to take; shadows, faces in fences (I kid you not), light streaming through windows/trees/anything around, and mischievious snaps of her children being cheeky!

Her Instagram feed is one of my favourites to follow, because of the wonderful beauties that she manages to spot on a walk to and from school, or a little thing that is noticed in her kitchen. And the best of these make it into her Project 365 weekly collages; full of life and telling a story.

FiveGoBlogging 1

These two photos to me show two very different sides to Alison's photography; the simple colours of nature, and the quirky kitchens. There are many eye-catching photographs in her Instagram feed which show the wonderful colours and details that she can spot, like a brightly coloured leaf covered in dew in a gutter. Likewise there are a multitude of humorous shots of bits and pieces in a kitchen. I love the way her son is poking his head and nose over this, desperate to spot what mischief he can get up next.


In Alison's kitchen, there is a slatted blind. And through this slatted blind, the sun casts some serious light at times, creating wonderful photographs like this one of her son laughing away, and another marvellous one from last year (which I couldn't find) of a half empty beer bottle and it's emerald green shadow. And for my final choice, I've selected a sentimental shadow picture which demonstrates how she uses light to perfection.

These are her favourite six from the 365 Project so far.


9/6/12 – Burghley House and the children all scooting: Our favourite day out and its only a mile from home. No matter how many times, we go the children can always find something new to do or look at and I can take another photo that is different again from last time. I love this one because it shows the ages so perfectly of the children.


30/9/12 – Swings: I took about 30 photos before I got this one with them both at the same point and both looking at me. I just love their expressions.


14/10/12 – Tweeting gate: Again at Burghley House. I just saw the birds kissing and thought it was perfect for a twitter picture.


18/11/12 – Family walking out of a winter evening sun: I loved that the sun was behind them, they look like they are returning home after a long satisfying walk (which they were).


18/08/13 – Reflection in a knife: My favourite photo so far this year. I love reflections and shadows and just happened to glance down at my cutlery and saw the shot!


27/1/13 – Shadow: I had to have a shadow shot in there somewhere and this one sums me up perfectly. My iPhone and a shadow.

  • When did you start doing the 365 photo project, and why?

I started Project 365 in January 2012. I am a habitual photographer and almost always take at least one photo a day anyway and when I heard of this project I knew it was something I wanted to do. It was a way to capture the memories and hopefully improve my photos in the process through practice and inspiration from other photographers.

  • Why did you decide to continue the project for a second year?

Once I had started and completed a year of 365project, I was hooked. The thought of a day passing and not capturing a shot was scary! I'd love to say it is because my followers insisted I carry on but neither of them seemed that bothered!

  • What's the best bit about doing a 365 photo project?

The best bit about the 365project for me is the photographic diary I am making. I suspect I'll still be doing this in twenty years time and look forward to going through my albums with whoever I can persuade to sit with me.

  • Are there times when you've wanted to give up, why? What kept you going?

I haven't ever thought about giving up but there are days when I just haven't been inspired or had time to really look for the shot. That's when you see a random still life photo in my collage!

  • What tips would you give to anyone who wants to start a 365 project?

If you are thinking about starting a project yourself, then just start snapping! There is a huge community to look to for support and inspiration and photographic critique if you want it. I use my iphone 99% of the time and I know they are not technically brilliant but more often than not a photo suddenly appears before me and I have to snap it there and then. Those are the best and most fun shots in a 365project and take no time or effort.

Like Five Go Blogging, how could you use light and shadow to improve your photographs?

Please pop back next Thursday when I introduce the high-definition perspective of Point & Snap The World.

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  1. says

    I'm so envious of people who can take beautiful photos like this! it's such a skill and one I don't have. Just enjoy looking at others' as they really do tell a story

  2. says

    i too really love the red leaf photo, i love the way that she frames things in her very unique five go blogging way. the reflection in the knife is actually genius!

  3. says

    Wow that leaf is red. I love the reflection in a knife. One of the many things in my To Do list is to learn how to use my camera better. I'll be spending more time looking at your 365 project, it sounds like a great idea

  4. says

    What incredible photos, I love the one with the reflection in the knife and the shadow one. I'm a big fan of black and white pictures and I think that's why I'm drawn to those. You are very talented and some great tips xx

  5. says

    Brilliant photos, makes it sound so easy doing the 365. I like the comment about the odd random still life photo when she hasn't had a chance for a good photo, great idea on the days you're struggling!

  6. says

    i look forward to seeing Alison's photos too – i am disappointed she did not include the Nobbley lollipop one lol
    i love that red leaf thats very recent infact and i gasped at its simplicity but striking image.
    that reflection in the cutlery is very clever too and she does do some fab shadow pics.
    keep up the good work Alison i enjoy seeing them x x

  7. Loubelle says

    What fantastic photos. I am going to make a real effort with the pics on my blog, my pics taken on my phone never look anywhere near as amazing as these 🙂

  8. says

    thank you for an insight into Alison's 365 life. I like the reflection picture as well, more from the fact her cutlery is so shiny and her table laid, we carry through the cutlery with the plate.
    I like the twitter birds, would not have seen that had you not pointed it out.
    Some pictures like the swing one do take a lot of getting just right but it is so easy to throw away all the wrong one with digital means, but well done on the perseverance.

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