Days 272 – 278 of Project 365

272 -278 of 365

272. You & Me, Buster! (We went pumpkin picking at a local PYO, and The Boy loved choosing his best pumpkin for carving. This one was definitely 'calling' to him, and he spent a good few minutes debating it before choosing it.)

273. Flip! (We did some 'loose parts' play today with our conker collection and playdough, and one pesky conker gave The Boy quite a bit of grief when he tried to get it out of its casing.)

274. Revenge! (I have no idea if that conker getting the drilling was indeed the one who was awkward the day before, but The Boy certainly showed them who was boss when we drilled them for threading and 'conkering'.)

275. Fiddly (We made a swing out of construction strips, and The Boy found it quite tricky to get the wheel to stay on the rope.)

276. Shiny (I discovered a street in our town which is mostly inhabited by residents aged 55+, but it has seven horse chestnut trees ladened with conkers on it! We had the pick of hundreds just lying on the floor, begging to be shined up on trousers and taken home to be played with!)

277. Midnight Jog (I love this photo for several reasons. Yes it's slightly grainy and I've got the white balance wrong so the lamps are too bright. And yes my husband's face is a blur. However, The Boy makes me chuckle because he was screaming with glee, shrieking with laughter and running like Phoebe from Friends.)

278. Dapper (The bargain, second-hand suit I bought for my sister-in-law's wedding arrived today and I couldn't wait to get The Boy trying it on. He looks like a mini-daddy going to a business meeting!)

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  1. says

    gorgeous pumpkin pic. i see his little tongue of concentration making a few appearances this week! bless him such concentration on his face. and he looks very dapper in his suit and i can see him as a mini- me of his daddy x

  2. says

    I don't care if you don't think that pier photo settings are right….. I LOVE IT!!!
    Love the return of the tongue where he is concentrating too!! Great photos xx

  3. says

    Loving the suit, but I think I like the pumpkin picture best. We haven't tried pumpkin carving yet. Wondering if I will find a chance to fit it in this year. I am so bad at stuff like that, I could do with a proper session to go to.

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