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I've been hosting a 365 linky for nearly two years now and have been privileged in that time to be a witness to many different photographers' daily lives; to see couples marry, pregnancies develop, babies be born, learn to walk and talk, families grow and spread their wings. I've travelled the world without leaving my living room, and rediscovered some of the most amazing architecture Britain has to offer.

At the end of last year's project I didn't think there would be anyone foolish eager enough to carry on the project, but there are well over fifteen photographers who ventured into a second year and it is a pleasure to see their interest in photography develop. The 365 project becomes a part of everyday life for participants, picking up a camera and snapping a scene (hopefully unobtrusively) is second nature, assessing the composition and lighting, picking the best angle, and editing the image to get the best out of it, are all skills which come with time and practise. The 365 (and Project 52) photographers' dedication is something to be admired and sung about in my eyes.

And so I finally get to my point.

Months ago I sounded out a few of the 365 photographers about being featured in a series, they jumped at the chance and since then we've been sifting through finding our favourite photos to share.

The 365 Photographers series will run on Thursdays, starting this week with a photographer who has an incredibly artistic, architectural eye and manages to find the beauty in London that is often missed in the madding crowd.

Pop back over on Thursday to see the wonderful world of HPMcQ.


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