The Pumpkin Patch

We intended to spend a quiet day in the house, pottering around and baking, but the weather had different ideas. Unlike yesterday which was grey and dreary, the sky was azure and the temperature balmy for late September, and I really didn't want to waste the day inside. I'd also seen one or two photos recently of pumpkins being harvested, and so we headed down to Hendrewennol, our local pick-your-own farm.

Fortune was on our side, as today was the last day for pumpkin picking; the inclement weather meant that the chap in charge was harvesting them all today to prevent them going manky. We were handed a pair of secateurs (with instructions not to hurt ourselves!) and trotted off through the field exploring with our trusty trug.

Hendrewennol PYO

It was great fun examining all the different sized pumpkins, and finding the right coloured ones too. Orange are perfect for eating now, but green with a slight hint of orange will keep for several weeks until the end of October, especially if kept in a dark space and brought out a fortnight before Hallowe'en. We also picked a load of lovely 'munchkin' pumpkins, which I have great plans for!

Hendrewennol PYO

After we'd unloaded the trug into the car, we went off in search of acorns en route to the maize maze, which was empty of people but full to bursting of sweetcorn cobs. The Boy was fascinated by them and I did take the liberty of stripping a few down (on the plant) to show him that under the silks and leaves were wonderfully, juicy golden cobs.

Hendrewennol PYO

This was the second time we'd been to Hendrewennol this season, the first was in July to pick strawberries. Within a few weeks they will be closed until May as there will be no crops to harvest; that really brought home to me how seasonal fruit and vegetables should be. We spent a wonderful Autumn afternoon here, learning about the food we eat, finding 'loose parts', navigating the maize maze, and then exploring the fabulous sandpit in the play area.

Hendrewennol play area

I also really enjoyed getting to grips with manual on my camera a little bit more, it's starting to make a little more sense to me, and where better to work out the best settings than in this beautiful location?

Hendrewennol PYO

Linking this up to Country Kids and The Outdoor Play Party for outdoor fun, and The Sunday Prop Shop to show off my wonderful trug and how gorgeous it looks with miniature pumpkins in it being carried by The Boy.

country kids Outdoor play party SUNDAY-PROP-SHOP

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  1. says

    I adore this!!! We found one yesterday on our way home – but just some old guy's house – look at that place! Heavenly! Absolutely brilliant pictures! Thank you so much for linking up xx

  2. says

    Gorgeous photos as usual, I'm sure you had a great time picking the right pumpkins and having fun in the maze. I'm hoping to see what plans you might have for the munchkin pumpkins! Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. says

    What a brilliant idea. I didn't know you could actually go pumpkin picking like this. It looks like a lot of fun. Your manual photos look fantastic! I am completely rubbish at manual. Everything looks too white!

  4. says

    Fabulous photos!

    I came across my first maize maze a few weeks ago while we were away in Scotland, never knew there was such a thing! I never knew you could go pumpkin picking either.

  5. says

    what absolutely beautiful photos – i love the autumnal colours shining through with those orange pumpkins and how well the boy in his yellow tee and green body warmer complement those pumkins and his surroundings. looks like a lot of fun x

  6. The Mum with the Silk Scarf says

    I love your photos the colours are so vibrant. What a great place to visit and your little boy is adorable.


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