Macmillan Coffee Morning

A little while ago I was invited to be a Tassimo Blogger which involves me being sent new flavours to try out most months. It's great fun to try out different coffee blends, but the latest surprise parcel really struck a chord with me. This month, Tassimo would like us to hold a coffee morning in order to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, and have therefore sent several packets of Kenco Coffee (who are sponsoring the event), along with a few other bits and bobs accordingly.

As someone who has lost three grandparents, a great aunt and a great uncle to cancer, in addition to my own father suffering twice within the last six years, I know only too well the impact of this horrendous disease on families. Luckily we have never needed Macmillan with my dad, but they were there for us when my nan was dying and the job that they did was essential to helping us process what was going on at one of the single most painful events to happen to our family.

Macmillan is asking people to hold a coffee morning on Friday 27th September 2013 to help raise vital funds for their wonderful nurses. I'm doing mine on Saturday morning as I'm working on Friday.

Support packs are available by registering, and it's not too late to request one. The pack contains invitations, a plastic tablecloth, balloons, a donation box, support material, recipe ideas, and a fabulous 'guess the coffee beans in the jar' poster game. However, there's no need to have a pack to hold a coffee session; bake some cakes, boil the kettle, invite your friends over and raise some money to help fund these amazing nurses.

MacMillan Coffee Morning

I was sent some Tasismo products in order to hold a coffee session, I registered for the pack and I'm knocking up a batch of espresso cupcakes on Friday evening!

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