Why We're Happy It's Autumn

As the wonderfully warm Summer draws to a close in the most spectacularly dreary fashion, I have found myself contemplating which is my favourite season. Surely the blue skies and kaleidoscope of Summer is more of an attraction than the drabness of the colder months?

But with September comes the wonder of the natural world:

Finding the first conker of the year.

Prising it open it to discover that the much longed for and anticipated conker is still white, with just a smidgen of chestnut brown.

But then spotting another one floating in the dammed stream in the gutter.

And there it is, the first shiny conker. The one that no-one in the world has ever seen before.

Why we love Autumn

And then, there's the water.

All the water.

Why we love Autumn

So you can let it beat you, stay in and moan about the incessant rain running in rivulets down the windowpanes. Or you can put on wellies and a mac and go and enjoy all the water.

country kids

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  1. says

    I love the fact that The Boy is still using the umbrella but making giant splashes in the puddles! This definitely beats being bored watching the rain from inside, thanks for sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  2. says

    Actually I love all the seasons, they all have fab things and it would be boring if it was all the same. Great puddle splashing though 🙂 I need wellies

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