Days 244-250 of Project 365

244-250 of 365

244. Eruption (Following our science exploration activity the previous week, The Boy perfectly replicated how to make a volcano independently. We're now out of vinegar as he did it quite a few times. The blue lava wasn't quite as effective!)

245. Flinger (After I finished my first day back at work, I took The Boy down to one of the local beaches for some plopping good fun, our last bit of freedom before school started the next day.)

246. First Day (I know I've used this elsewhere, but what else could I have for today; his first day of school.)

247. Rainbow House (He came home with this painting that he'd done the previous day in school after listening to the story of Winnie the Witch who painted her house different colours.)

248. Xylophone (Another painting, I suspect there may be a few of these. I was incredibly impressed when he told me it was a xylophone; he's even got the keys different lengths and the pegs to hold them on!)

249. Swing (An exhausted little boy after his first week in school, he could barely manage to swing himself. Two minutes later, just as I'd taken my camera in out the way, he fell off backwards and nearly winded himself. Cuddles and Peppa Pig soon solved the problem though.)

250. Mix (Whipping up a birthday cake for Grandad who came over for a birthday tea. )

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  1. says

    it is odd that from here on in i will be seeing school pics on your 365. its thansk to you and thr boy that i have been sucb an emotional wreck this week – i have been thinking about you both and then about me and B that I have been welling up at the slightest thing!!! However, seeing his smiley face and his wonderful paintings I am reassured that he at least is enjoying school.
    the beach shots are beautiful and i love how his tongue pops out when he is concentrating x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Oh gosh I'm so sorry, I hate to think about you being upset! If it helps at all, it's not quite as bad as I thought when I'm working, but Friday I really did miss him a great deal. That's why I've said for you to keep busy on that first day. I really am sorry. Burton will love it!

      That tongue is making more and more of an appearance lately.

  2. says

    Ha yes I have one who sticks his tongue out when he concentrates too. I'm so glad that he enjoyed his first week, it is so emotionally draining for you and physically for them. Amazing paintings, you will have lots of those

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      The tongue is out all the time at the moment, or he's putting his fingers in his mouth; I think it might be a minor regression thing? Crawled like a baby the other day too :-/

      I think we're going to have to make a scrapbook of the paintings?

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I've got both of those up already, think I'll need to invest in a scrapbook for them and have a rolling programme of artwork!

  3. says

    The first day of school, such a huge milestone but obviously something you have prepared him for perfectly. What an independant young man. I also love the baking shotb with that tongue action

  4. says

    Love his xylophone painting so colourful and so distinctive. Glad you survived his first week at school. We haven't done the volcano thing for a while – must have a go at that soon.

  5. says

    My favourite has to be the cake making picture, I love his concentration. Some of the girls artwork I turn into wrapping paper and gift tage for people presents as I have so many of them I would have no where to keep them all.

  6. says

    Oh bless him. He looks so cute in his uniform! And brilliant art work

    (sorry commenting a little late…just catching up with everyone now)

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