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We don't very often have crisps in this house, mainly because we eat them far too quickly and then I get upset at being unable to have cheese and onion crisp sandwiches.

Being realistic, it's because they are high in saturated fat and while great as a treat, they're not particularly good for you.

I was recently sent a multipack of each one of the three flavours from the new Walkers Mighty Lites range; lightly salted, cheese and onion, and roast chicken.

Walkers Mighty Lites 1

The first thing I noted was that they are ridged crisps which made me very happy as I'm quite fond of another well-known packet of ridged crisps; they're great at locking in the flavour and make the crisp eating experience far more fun. And let's face it, who hasn't bitten the ridges off one by one?

Walkers Mighty Lites main selling point is that they have 30% less fat than standard crisps on average, and this is what makes them a better crisp for the consumer. With only 114 calories per 25g bag and 0.5g of saturated fat (4.7g of fat originally), then they are a far healthier and sensible option for both children and dieters. In fact, why should they get all the fun, they're healthier all round.

And the added bonus, and why they are good for children in particular, is because they contain no MSG (Monosodium glutamate, an additive which can cause nausea, headaches and more serious illnesses in some cases) and combined with no artificial colours or preservatives, it's a fairly safe option for children. All three flavours are also suitable for vegetarians, even the roast chicken!

Often healthier snacks, particularly crisps, can be seriously lacking in taste or the essential crisp texture. They frequently feel more like dried out polystyrene or lack any serious flavour, especially the ready salted flavours. The Walkers Mighty Lites are neither dried out or lacking in taste; they feel exactly like other crisps do but with the added benefit of no oiliness or residual film left on fingers.

I have been giving them to The Boy in preparation for him starting school, usually in a packed lunchbox but he did have some for dinner last night. He was over the moon to be having crisps, as he knows they are usually an occasional treat.

Walkers Mighty Lites

He devoured them, and in actual fact I had to tell him to leave the crisps alone and to eat his sandwiches and fruit or he wouldn't have any left for later in the meal (I'm trying to teach him not to eat his favourite things all in one go, a harder task than you'd think!). They are a fun and enticing addition to any lunch, and will definitely be featuring in his school lunchbox over the forthcoming weeks.

Would I buy these independently? Not for a crisp sandwich, but I definitely will for picnics and lunchboxes.

I was sent the aforementioned products for the purpose of this review, and will receive a fee for my time. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. says

    I love cheese and onion crisps too! Haha.
    My Learncliki health adviser said I should get Walkers Mighty Lites. Hope it will still satisfy my cravings!

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