Days 237-243 of Project 365

237-243 of 365

237. Fortress (A beautiful Sunday afternoon on August Bank Holiday weekend, saw us pack up our beach stuff and venture to Barry Island for the afternoon. And for once it wasn't crowded! We decided to make the biggest castle ever, and this was our finished product; gargantuan isn't it? This is the castle I've always wanted to make and it was brilliant fun, people along the beach stopped to take photos and comment.)

238. Practise (The biggest concern that I have for The Boy going to school is coping with lunchtimes. He currently has a cooked meal at lunchtimes, but won't be having school dinners as I don't think he'll eat them. I decided it was time to practise eating from a lunchbox, as I know how chaotic it is at lunchtimes in a dinner hall with minimal staff around. We packed up our tea and took it to the nature reserve for a picnic practise. I don't want The Boy to struggle with anything so we've spent this week practising opening and not spilling food, eating things in the right order, and working out what type of yoghurt is the best to send in for him.)

239. Climbing Boy (We headed out for another picnic lunch, this time in the park. And what better way to burn off that energy afterwards that tree climbing?)

240. Squelch (We had a very exciting morning visiting somewhere special in Cardiff, but I can't disclose any information about it until later in the year and it's under embargo until then! We had lunch in Pizza Hut and I spent the whole time staring at The Boy, absorbing ever cell of his face, trying not to cry about missing him in school. Then we went down the beach for some plopping fun, although The Boy has discovered sandballs are far more fun to throw than pebbles, filthy child.)

241. RUN! (My mum was looking after my niece and nephew for the day, so we took all three children to Barry Island, somewhere they don't go very often. Reluctantly at first The Boy's cousins entered the water, then his Boy Cousin came back out to remove his trousers so he could paddle more freely, while Girl Cousin just sat down in the sea fully clothed instead. All three had a whale of a time; all you need is sand and water, and they're happy!)

242. Ritual (Today was the last day of our old routine. Our last day together, just me and him, without being stuck in the rigmorale of bowing down to the constraints of school holidays. Our last day of him being my little shadow and us having the freedom to not rush and just do what we want. Just typing that makes me cry. I know we'll have half-terms and school holidays, but it is not the same. Every day for four years and two months, he has waited on our bed (sometimes with or without Mr. TBaM, depending upon age) while I shower and get dressed. Then Mr. TBaM goes to work and we have cuddles in bed for half an hour. Every week day (that I've not worked) for four years and two months. This was our last day doing this. And I am counting down the days until October half-term until we can do it again.)

243. ARGGGGHHHHH! (We took The Boy to Peppa Pig World for our last Summer treat and had a brilliant time exploring old favourite rides and new treasures. This was an old favourite and I took about fifteen photos of them on this ride, from top to bottom. I can't show later ones as Mr. TBaM would divorce me, but this was right at the top, just as they both realise how steep the drop is!)

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  1. says

    Big hugs and kisses for the new chapter in your life. If it makes you feel any better my 15-year-old climbed into be with me this morning and gave me a big cuddle. He said this is still the place I feel safest in the whole world

  2. says

    i think this shows a wonderful week – a week of enjoying the boy before school starts. i love the sandcastle photo – that fortress is epic! and the beach ones are fab with the lighting, shadows, textures and sillouhettes . and the faces in the water slide one are very funny lol
    i will be thinking of you tomorrow morning from a no doubt freezing cold tent!! x

  3. says

    That sand fortress is AMAZING I am totally jealous hehe.

    I love the slide picture too 🙂

    I was really worried about school lunches as well because tori is really fussy but just before summer she was invited to have lunch in the school hall as a practice and to my surprise she ate the lot – even stuff she refuses at home! I am hoping school dinners will make her more adventurous.

  4. says

    Awww hugs, I hope you are ok next week, I am already nervous about this stage with Z. That Cardiff mystery trip sounds very intriguing. Can you give us a clue? Is it Dr Who related? Is it? Is it? 🙂

  5. says

    Aww what a week, the photos are beautiful. I hope the next chapter goes as smoothly as possible, I am sure he will be fine it seems that you have set him up on the right path to be an independent little man.

  6. says

    You certainly made the most of the summer holidays didn't you? Like you though I am reluctant for the return to school for everyone (and me!). The middle shot on the beach is really beautiful, you have taken some stunning shots this summer.

  7. says

    I remember when my eldest daughter first started school, it was horrible! So big hugs to you… You will both adjust!

    That sandcastle is gigantic! Love it. My fav this week has got to be the water one.

  8. says

    what an amazing last week, you always have weekends to carry on the tradition. He will be fine, you have brought him up to have confidence and be independent, mind use to eat their pack lunches on the way home for the first few months as there was too much going on in school.
    The best way to eat yoghurt is probably frubes.

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