Far Away…

Far Away

The irony that we are pointing to a plane in the sky is not lost on me, as thirty years later my brother is currently taking off for a new life in Australia.

I wish we'd stayed as close as we were in that photo, but with him joining the ambulance service just a few short years later, it meant that our lives have followed two very separate paths. Were it not for the blood tie binding us, I'm not sure how strong our relationship would be.

And I think the reality of that breaks my heart more than the 10,444 miles that will separate us for the next few years.

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  1. Daisy Broomfield says

    What a poignant post. I live within half an hour of both my siblings. I see my sister lots and my brother hardly ever but have a good relationship with both and feel very lucky that we could definitely rely on each other if anything bad happened. My mum's only sister moved to Australia to get married about 40 years ago but they have a close if long distance relationship. Perhaps your brother being far away will change your relationship with each other- sometimes it's easier to chat via the internet than it is face to face?

  2. says

    That's so sad, such a moving post. My brother and I aren't particularly close, but I see him as he lives nearby. When you've grown up with someone you would expect to stay close, but it so often doesn't happen. I know it would break my heart if my kids weren't close when they grow up.

  3. says

    That really moved me. I have been blogging about family far away too. Sometimes distance, like time can make the bond between siblings and family closer.

  4. says

    Aw that is such a lovely photo and it is so obviously you! You have the same smile today. AS for the words you have to have a strong bond to be concerned as you are, and that in itself is something to treasure.

  5. says

    it is a delightfrul photo – i love how much trust there is for the little you,to allow him to hold you like that while you are almost falling out of his arms . nd Fiona is right – it is so like you are now!!
    i cannot ever know the pain you are going through but photos like this must be some comfort x

  6. says

    Sometimes whilst we generally feel distance the blood tie that bonds our hearts is always be there, I'm sure you'll still have some wonderful family days ahead and are there for one another when needed! xx

  7. says

    Ahh Hun, that's a very lovely photo. You're a girl version of The Boy (or vice versa). I hope he's settling in ok and the distance makes you closer. I know that's really odd to say but since my friend moved to Oz we've become closer because we're all on Whatsapp all the time just talking about day to day life. Xx

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