Beach Craft: How To Make A Shell Shaker

We spend a lot of time on the beach at all times of the year, but especially during the warmer months of the year. And just like all children, The Boy likes to collect shells.

Lots of shells.

And it comes to a point when we have to start finding things to do with them.

So this weekend, we collected up shells with holes in them and we made a musical instrument with them!

How To Make A Shell Shaker

You'll need:

  • a 'Y' shaped stick
  • a variety of shells with holes in them (do try and collect different types so that you can discuss the names of them)
  • string
  • something to cut with
  1. Tie one end of the string to one of the 'Y' twigs. Wrap it around several times to make it stronger and also to hide the end of the string. Make a simple knot to fix it into place.
  2. Thread the shells onto the string, alternating the different types and the way that they are facing.
  3. Pull the string taut and wrap it around the other end of the 'Y', making a small knot to hold it in place. Wrap it around several times, tying it off tightly.
  4. Shake, shake, shake!

How To Make A Beach Shell Shaker

Country Kids

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  1. says

    Clever use of your shells. We have been at the beach all day too but much rushing around and no crafting. I bet the shells jingling together make a great sound. A lovely idea for Country Kids.

  2. says

    You're so lucky to be near the sea – I love hunting for shells and lazily making things with them whilst relaxing on the sand! x

  3. Galina V says

    It must have been fun crafting a shaker. Though my guys keep on the move on the beach, it would have to be a crafting session at home.


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