Days 202-208 of Project 365

202-208 of 265

202. Fave Food (Massively contrived! MASSIVELY! However, The Boy decided to climb a tree at Westonbirt Arboretum so that he didn't become The Gruffalo's fave food!)

203. Grey (This colourful photo was taken to try and lift my grey mood after a rubbish INSET day where I ran around doing things for everyone else and achieved nothing for myself. Additionally, the end-of-year tiredness kicked in and I was exhausted and very melancholy.)

204. I Drew This! (Welcome to the family TBaM! I am so proud of him for this, I think it's brilliant.)

205. D Is For… (Danger! He does this funny little hopping up from behind thing onto the swing, only he planted his feet on the seat and stood up instead! Eeeek!)

206. Ground (We met an old friend up at the clifftop park with her one year old son. She was late and so while we waited The Boy had a swinging conversation with the ten year old boy next to him. The Boy won, which I was quite proud of, and cast some beautiful shadows on the ground as he was swinging.)

207. The Everyday (The temperature of the day started off quite mild, but after a phone from nursery at 8.30 to ask me to bring him in earlier than I normally do as they were going for a walk that morning, I ended up hot and bothered, rushing around. I got hom at 10.15 and then managed to settle down to have some breakfast and do some school work. Once I'd picked him up from nursery, we popped into Parc Play for an hour or so during which time the temperature soared to 28°C. We came home, borrowed a pump from a friend and blew up his new paddling pool. This sunshine photo is the everyday at the moment.)

208. Black + White (It's pouring down today, which is fine because the garden really needs it, but the world is a little bit grey and monochrome today. We also need a break from all the amazing outdoor play we've had; sometimes you just need a 'chill out and do nothing' day. Definitely a day for some work on pre-writing skills.)

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  1. Eleanor @ Two of Everything says

    I completely love the ears on that picture! So good when they start noticing the details 🙂

  2. says

    some really great photos of your boy – the tree shot shows how happy he is to be up there and the concentration in the black and white photo, and yay sat in a paddling pool. But my favourite from the week is his drawing it is so good and so much detail x

  3. says

    Exhausted and very melancholy. My goodness I think I was channelling you this week. That's exactly where I was at. Love the paddling pool pic but laugh a little at 28 being very hot

  4. says

    Some lovely outdoor shots again, but you're right sometimes you need a break from that and the weather seems to have allowed for it. I like the shot on the swing with his shadow.

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