Front Loader Digger Toy Truck (Review & Giveaway)

Ever since The Boy randomly asked Father Christmas three days before Christmas for a robot that moves (sending me into a blind panic!), he's developed a liking for controllable toys. The ultimate one that he has is the retro Big Trax which is excellent for teaching control and programming and makes Mr. TBaM very happy indeed, but remote controlled toys are his latest big thing. Grandad found a Scalectrix set at a car boot sale and when he visits my grandparents that is where the three of them can be found.

I wouldn't mind, but I'd quite like a go as well!

Therefore when The Boy was recently sent a digger toy truck from Hifi Tower, he was not the only one over the moon at the brilliant front loader remote controlled digger!

Front loading digger

I was sceptical that it would be quite a cheap looking vehicle and that it wouldn't actually do very much apart from move forwards and backwards. Therefore I was quite happy to be proved wrong.

Measuring 41 cm long, 17cm high and 15cm wide, it is a decent sized vehicle which is actually capable of moving a fair amount of loose materials at a time. The Boy has tested it out with sand on the patio and it drove over the concrete slabs and mound of sand very well due to the 'all-terrain tyres'. Not only does the vehicle move forwards and backwards, but the bucket lowers down to the ground to scoop up materials while moving forwards, lifts to transport it, and then once it is lifted beyond a certain height it tips the buckets downwards for the loose materials to fall out. There is also a left-right control on the remote, which moved the front wheeled section where the bucket is. I've noticed that this works best when stationary as the speed at which it changes direction in correlation to the speed at which it moves forwards, isn't equal. However, it does mean that one pile of sand can moved one inch to the side without issue. And trust me, he's done just that!

Coupled with the flashing back lights, it's all very exciting!

The children's playground front loader digger toy truck is available to buy for Β£42.90 from HiFi-Tower which offers a variety of well-priced children’s gadgets and toys, along with a range of record players at very low prices, in-car entertainment, gift ideas and musical instruments. My initial thoughts were that it was a little on the pricey side, but it's actually a well-thought out model and surprisingly sturdy. I say this in confidence as he's already driven it off the patio down the steps and onto the grass! I'm pretty sure the railings may not be happy if he does that again, but the main bulk of the digger is sturdy enough to withstand my four year old's best efforts.

The kind folk at Hifi Tower are offering one of these brilliant diggers as a prize to one lucky reader; to be in with a chance of winning, please fill in the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. Tracy Nixon says

    My two girls have a beautiful dolls house! I had a dolls house when I was little but it was not as big or as lovely as the one my two girls have! Jealous!

  2. JoBeth says

    my kids and my favorite are all of their dads old toys from Star Wars HeMan and Ewok I was going to sell them on ebay when we got them out but the kids liked them and they were made so well they are unbreakable we kept them

  3. Lisa J says

    I love my 10 year old's cuddly bunny rabbit that she has had since birth. In so many ways, she is growing up so fast but when I see her snuggling the bunny when she is asleep, it takes me right back.

  4. Jo welsh says

    The playmobil they have, I never had it and I think it's great to set up the scenes and put the people in their places.

  5. Paul Kendall says

    Its my Nephew, and I remember when I used ot have Lego … so when he is building things I love helping as I ud ot do the same… and my "building" never looked like what they were meant to either …

  6. Alana Walker says

    I love my son's Woofer doggy guitar. Its so unique, cute and original. I would have loved one when I was little.x

  7. Rachael G says

    I really like my son's wooden rocket which fits together with magnets and has a little man inside.

  8. Megan A says

    Her play kitchen! Its awesome. I don't think a girl ever grows out of playing with plastic food πŸ™‚

  9. Samantha says

    My little boy is obsessed with fire engines and screwdrivers. He also carries round a grotty blue teddy called Sleepy he has been hugged so much he is starting downfall apart and I have to sneakily sew him together.

  10. Lynda Sanderson says

    My grandson just loves tractors / machinery and gets very excited if he sees any ………..he would just love this.

  11. fiona noblet says

    my grandson has a laughing cuddly teddy bear which always makes me laugh , so this is my favourite.

  12. Sarah Queenan says

    Some really lovely wooden vehicles by Bajo – the colours are lovely and they are beautifully made.

  13. Angela Sandhu says

    I love his teddy bear Winston-He is so soft and cuddly and the fact that my son loves him so much makes me love it more!

  14. jennifer thorpe says

    my little boys teddy. he's a white dog with yellow patches and he's called egg dog πŸ™‚

  15. sarah bootland says

    It has got to be my daughters Hoppo from The Wuzzles that used to be mine – good memories! Xxx

  16. Danielle Graves says

    his building bricks, I'm for ever making wonderful constructions while he's in bed only for him to destroy them the next day.

    • Kate Cunningham says

      I should have added that my favourite is a toy picnic set which keeps us occupied for hours pouring tea, dishing out cakes etc.

  17. donna clinton says

    I love drawing on my daughter's magnetic drawing board it's got loads of different stamps and i find myself sat there playing with it for ages

  18. Kelly Hooper says

    I love youngest train track, occasionally I will get it all out after she goes to bed and build her a huge track in the livingroom, you know, as a favour to her . . .

  19. susan willshee says

    not so much a toy as an app we downloaded for Daisy on the iPad. It's a dress up and make up app where you have to select dresses, hairstyles, make up, etc – I love it!

  20. Chris Bell says

    The Lego!! Never know what I'm building, but when I'm finished it always looks like some abstract piece of art! πŸ˜€

  21. Claire Appleton says

    My little boy loves his Thomas railway set & trains & what makes him happy makes me happy so this would have top be my favourite! πŸ™‚

  22. Margaret says

    My favourite toy of my daughter's would have to be her coach-built Silver Cross pram as it used to be mine when I was younger. My favourite of my son's toys would probably be his Playmobil as it seems to be one of the only toys he can't wreck!

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