Ecover Zero

Many years ago I discovered the wonders of Ecover laundry liquid when I interrogated my sister as to how her children's clothes smelt so delicious and 'natural'. She introduced me to Ecover and I haven't used anything since; that was six years ago. I once strayed into the world of the 'leading brand non-bio' type and the overwhelming chemical smell irritated my nose, the residual liquid irritated all our skins and exacerbated my husband's eczema.

Ecover it is for us then! Once every two months or so, I trot up to the independent health-food and 'green' products shop in the town centre and order a 5 litre box of laundry liquid and conditioner, pop back the next day and pick them up.

Ecover Laundry Liquid & Conditioner

Ecover is created using gentle plant based and mineral ingredients, so it has no nasties. I love the smell of the conditioner; it reminds me of Summer and walks in fields. I actually do that thing which you see on television adverts where the mum buries her face in a pile of clothes to smell them, the fragrance is intoxicating to me.

Therefore when I was asked if I'd like to try the Ecover Zero range I was sceptical; could anything replace my beloved 'Amongst The Flowers' fabric softener? Particularly as the Ecover Zero range is just that; especially crafted from plant-based and natural ingredients, the Zero range is dermatologically tested and 100% fragrance free. It has been approved by Allergy UK and the Good Housekeeping Institute, and Ecover Zero can help to reduce allergic symptoms while giving clean, fresh, sparkly results.

I was sent the Non-Bio Laundry Liquid, the Fabric Conditioner and the Washing-Up Liquid to try out.

Ecover Zero

The washing-up liquid is excellent. Literally no fragrance at all. As nice as it is for the person who is doing the washing-up to have a gentle fragrance to mask the caked on lasagne and tuna mayonnaise smells, I can always 'taste' that smell on the 'clean' dishes afterwards; it's why we already use Ecover dishwasher tablets and washing-up liquid. In the future, we'll be buying the Zero liquid rather than the normal Ecover bottle.

I've happily used the non-bio laundry liquid as the lack of fragrance means it smells pretty much the same as the usual Ecover that I use, I must confess though that as effective as the fabric conditioner is at softening clothes and making them easier to iron, I miss the fragrance of my usual Ecover conditioner. This fabric conditioner would be perfect for those people who have extremely sensitive skin and can't cope with any additives, but I enjoy the gentle aroma on my clothes and having a sneaky inhale when I give The Boy a cuddle.

I was sent these products for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest, as is the fact that I actually do have a sneaky whiff of my son's clothes.

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