Creating Wild Art: Forest Faces

'Wild Art' is quite simply creating art or craft from the materials found in a natural environment. Making forest faces is one of the simplest and most enjoyable activities that can be done in a woodland setting. In fact, we've done this activity twice in the past week because we enjoyed it so much.

For older children, this project could be preceeded by examining the history of the 'green man' and the different variations available.

I've cheated with this slightly as I'd bought air-dry natural clay to use, however if the soil or mud is wet and clay-based then that would be the ideal base. The issue is in my area that we have a lot of limestone in the earth, so air-dry natural clay (from Hobbycraft for a few pounds) was a far more reliable option!

You'll need:

  • clay-heavy mud or air-dry natural clay (make it as unobtrusive to the environment as possible),
  • leaves,
  • moss,
  • small sticks,
  • stones,
  • acorns,
  • an easily accessible tree or rocks.
  1. I'd pre-sliced the clay into the right amount for each person, and had put it into a sandwich bag in order to make it easier to handle and stop it from beginning to dry out. Once in the right place, we removed the clay from the airtight bag and pressed it down onto the tree trunk, smoothing the edges down onto the bark.
  2. Next we gathered a selection of leaves and moss for the hair or crown of the forest face, and pressed this into the top of the head. The eyes and nose were acorns, the mouth a bent stick.
  3. This is not a project that can be removed and taken home, the faces stay on the tree so take plenty of photos for the little ones to enjoy and remember. Hopefully the faces will stay for a long time for other people to enjoy, but there is the chance they may dry out and fall off, or wash off in the rain.

Creating Wild Art: Forest Faces

#18 on the 50Things To Do Before You're 11&¾ list: Create some wild art.

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  1. says

    What a wonderful idea! When my son was little, I used to get strange looks from other moms because I brought paper and glue to the park to make nature collages to take home. I never even thought about making a mud face. I popped over from the Country Kids linky.


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