Days 188-194 of Project 365

188-194 of 365

This week sees the continuation of my use of the FatMumSlim #PhotoADay prompts, however I've struggled with them this week. There have been photos I wanted to use but they didn't fit that day's theme so I couldn't use them. It made me remember why I usually give up halfway through the month!

188. Where You Are (We started the day Hendrewennol fruit PYO down the coast road, and The Boy was in awe to see so many strawberries growing in the fields. It was blindingly hot though so we quickly progressed onto one of my favourite beaches; Southerndown.)

189. Path (Since The Boy had a climbing frame for his birthday, he is getting more and more adventurous in the ways he climbs up the top. This path he's taken has seen him swing along the monkey bars, Climb up through the bars of the jungle run, pull himself up and then climb along. Think the frame was a good idea!)

190. Three Things (We did some sponge printing and literacy this morning, using the sponge letters to spell out family names.)

191. Smooth (The Boy had to have a change of bedding part way through the night which meant that Oliver Monkey also needed washing. We engaged the spare Oliver unknowingly to him, and he was amazed at how smooth Oliver was all of a sudden! Whoops!)

192. I Wore This (So unimaginative, I know! A trip to the beach after work, walk along the pier with a yummy ice-cream. And you get my shoes. That's the problem with these prompts!)

193. Bad Habit (Why in God's name do we go to bed at gone 1am every night? We're knackered!)

194. Four o'clock (The Boy's reward this week was to visit Parc Play, but it was so unbearably hot that we only managed 20 minutes there. We'll go back on Monday)

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Hendrewennol is just down the road from you as well, you must go! The shoes are from Costco = £19.00!

  1. says

    The climbing frame pic is lovely,and he definitely looks like he likes it (the silhouette pic from the other day was that too I think?). Those sponge letters are so cool and looks a really good idea!

  2. says

    I am dead impressed you have continued with the prompts. I would have given up long before now. I love that you have a spare Oliver. Great planning

  3. says

    1am every night – can't manage that these day even for a special occasion. Some lovely shots concentrating on things. Seems bitter sweet because he'll be going to school soon.

  4. says

    1am! Oh gosh, I thought I was bad at 11:30 lol. There simply aren't enough hours in the day though. Lots of lovely photos of The Boy. I love strawberry picking!

  5. says

    I find the prompts are great as a help when I can't find another photo or if inspiration fails but other wise too restricting. Having said that I love your Birkos (and tan lines) but the favourite shot has to be 'path'.
    PS go to bed earlier x

  6. says

    this is why i didnt join in because it kind of forces you to take pics to suit the themes, i prefer more photo spontaneity !!
    its great seeing him become more and more adventurous with his climbing – what a journey he has been on in the last year with his confirdence. i adore the sleeping photo because i love seeing sleeping little ones and i like your sandals! they look very comfy x

  7. says

    I love the photos you've managed to take for the prompts. I am really enjoying actually even though some of my photos are a bit random compared to what I would usually use.

  8. says

    I'm liking the prompts, I think I might join in next month because, despite all the wonderful weather we're having I feel like all my photos are the children playing in the water at the moment! I think a month of prompts might rejuvenate my 365! Lovely outdoors photos this week, my favourite is the pick your own. I really want to take Bud.

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