Days 181-187 of Project 365

181-187 of 365

181. Mr. Bloom (We'd discovered some cheap sunflowers in Aldi (99p each) and as our sunflower seedlings were destroyed accidentally by daddy a week ago, we bought these to replace what should have been. The Boy has taken over watering them until I get the time to plant them!)

182. Happiness Is… (This is the start of me using the FatMumSlim PhotoADay Instagram prompts for my 365 photos. I took a cracking profile photo of The Boy which you can see on my Instagram feed, but I chose this photo as these two, and my garden in the Summer, are what makes me happy.)

183. Shoes (A very busy day with gymnastics, feeding the swans at the nature reserve, shopping and then we popped into Parc Play in Cardiff for 45 minutes run around. We'd bought a season pass on Sunday; Β£40 until November and at Β£5 a visit otherwise, I decided we'd definitely come more than eight times over the Summer.)

184. Cold (A really rubbish day in work where I did nothing more than babysit classes all day. A rosΓ© spritzer was definitely needed!)

185. Red, White or Blue (We'd seen Mister Maker doing this activity the other day, and decided to have a go. Really good fun and minimal mess.)

186. Love (I love all of the things in this picture (and some that aren't!): my son, pizza and chips from the local takeaway, Pimm's, my husband (especially for getting the pizza) and a setting sun over my green haven.)

187. Fave Smell (Contrived? No! My favourite smell is the beach in Summer: scorching hot sand, crashing waves, ketchup-laden chips, salty air.)

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  1. says

    I'm loving the dinner choices on the second last and last day. Yum!! Can't beat pizza and chips or fish and chips on the beach. Your sunflowers are looking fab!

  2. says

    i adore the final photo at the beach eating a fish supper with the sun still shining an the sea in the background. The boy looks so happy too πŸ™‚
    i like the sunflower shot because you can tell how careful he is being just by seeing the back of him. and i like the one of your two boys πŸ™‚ x

  3. says

    I love marble painting, we do that a lot! My favourite is the bottom photo, he looks so happy eating his chips on the beach and the really is nothing better.

  4. says

    Oh nice idea buying new sunflowers – I managed to destroy both of ours and Aldi may be the way forward here, thanks for the tip!

    Great week again, lots of food and drink πŸ™‚ – have a great weekend x

  5. says

    love the interpretation of the themes, the concentration while he is painting made me chuckle, it doesnt help any but makes for a great picture.
    Bad daddy for destroying the sunflowers, dont think Bobs are up to much. I dont like to eat on the beach, dont mind in the car at the sea shore ( just a weird trait I have)

  6. says

    Gorgeous photos. I so wish I'd taken on the prompts. I'm such an Instagram idiot, I just couldn't work out how to be able to see the list of prompts each day!
    My favourite is the final shot, love the relish with which the Boy is eating those chips!

  7. says

    I love the beach shot of the Boy (though I totally want chips now!!) and Tori loves the marble painting activity too (but it dissolved into finger painting quite rapidly last time we tried it…)

  8. says

    I thought I had commented on this but can't see it?? Super photos once more, totally jelaous of your beach going activities and I love the look of concentration on the boy's face. Priceless πŸ™‚

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