My Britmums Live! Sponsor: Orchard Toys

Today I'll be attending the Britmums Live! blogging conference in London, very kindly sponsored by Orchard Toys.

For those who regularly read my blog, or for those who occasionally saunter over here, you'll have noticed that I review a lot of puzzles and games from Orchard Toys. And every single one of those reviews is glowing, for three reasons:

  • they're bright and colourful, fun and engaging;
  • there is always an educational aspect which doesn't overshadow the fun factor;
  • The Boy loves them.

Now when I say I have a lot of them; I'm not actually joking:


This collection has been built up over several years from review products, those scavenged at nearly new sales, and bought for The Boy's birthday and Christmas presents. We play one a day at least and The Boy alternates between them as to which his favourite is; at the moment it's 'What's Rubbish?', last week it was 'Baa Baa', and we're taking 'Shopping List' with us this weekend to Britmums Live! Even we have favourites; mine is 'Round and Round' and Mr. TBaM is 'What a Performance'.

My 'love affair' with Orchard Toys started many years ago, long before I had The Boy. I was visiting an ex-colleague and her two year old daughter who wanted me to play a game with her which involved rolling a dice to collect up different ingredients to make an ice-cream sundae. That was an Orchard Toys game (long since retired) and I made a mental note of the company for use with my own child. Little did I realised I'd be trying to collect every game they make, ten years later!

So who are Orchard Toys?

Orchard Toys are a British company located in Norfolk with a purpose built factory and office complex; meaning a low-carbon foot print and employment stays within the country. In addition, they also create new products from their own ideas using its team of in-house designers. Manufacture of components is subcontracted to a UK supplier base, some of whom have supplied the company throughout its history. They are also made from 75% recycled materials.

A leading manufacturer of educational puzzles and games for children aged between 18 months and 10 years, Orchard Toys has a reputation for excellence of design, manufacture and service. I'd be very surprised if most homes don't have at least one of their games or puzzles! Established in 1971 by Keith Harvey (who remains a director today), the company has stayed in the family passing down to the next generation.

Orchard Toys award-winning products are all designed with the ethos of “learning made fun” and combine bright, innovative design, durability and quality with sound educational principles. They completely support the Foundation Phase ethos of learning through play, and that's why as a teacher as well as a mum, I know how much they benefit The Boy's learning.

This is why I'm so very proud to be sponsored by Orchard Toys to attend Britmums Live!

If you could spare two minutes to nip over to the Loved By Parents awards site, Orchard Toys have been shortlisted in the Best Activity Toy 3-6 yrs category and the Best Board Game or Jigsaw category for the fabulous 'Old Macdonald Lotto' and they'd love a vote from you please!

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  1. says

    Brilliant MrsTheBoyandMe, couldn't have said better myself. Long may your relationship with Orchard Toys continue!

    Have a really brilliant time at BritMumsLive, you deserve it! Look forward to reading about it on your return.


    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I really hope it does, they are such an amazing company and really fit my blog so well. Thank you for making it happen.

  2. says

    Such a great brand. We love them too and have a huge collection of them (at last count we had 32!) They are fantastic for kids to play, so well made and great for learning whilst you play! Have a great time at Britmums Live.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      32?! Wow you're old pros, we've got another three from The Boy's birthday so we're creeping up on you.

  3. says

    such a great sponsor – we love their games and puzzles here. so well made and the fact they are made here in the UK is another bonus i thineducational and fun. x

  4. says

    Wow – my collection isn't quite as big as yours but both my daughter and I are huge fans of Orchard Toys – for different reasons! My little one loves how engaging the toys are and never seems to tire of them, and I love their ethical ethos and wide range of products. It's also lovely to see a family company grow and stay in the same hands, which helps me relate to the brand more than a massive faceless corporation!

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