Interview With A Four Year Old

Last year, Emma from A Matter Of Choice had a fabulous idea to interview her three year old son Leo, then to repeat the interview every birthday and see how the answers changed with age.

We took part in this great idea and last year's interview was a real insight into the randomness of my three year old son's mind. This year… well… yes.

Let's just say that he gets distracted easily, shall we?

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  1. says

    He has changed so much since Butlins!!
    This is so cute and funny.
    The "smart clothes/stain/it doesn't matter" answer really made me laugh.
    I love his hat.
    Happy Birthday to The Boy x

  2. says

    That's so cute! He really loves his trampoline! I don't think he's easily distracted, there's no way I could get my four year old to sit on a chair and answer questions for more than a couple of seconds 🙂

  3. says

    awwww such great answers here and i love how he points out the butetrfly nd the woodlice on the back of his chair loy"
    and how he likes smart clothes and that the stain doesn matter – B says that all the time "but it doesn't mater mumm"
    and the trampoline is popular and that he wants to be a super hero awww lovely x x

  4. says

    Beyond adorable!!
    I love the fact that he says pardon, that you are his best friend and that he wants to be a super hero!!!
    Happy birthday big dapper boy, I hope mummy has some smart clothes waiting for you x

  5. says

    Oh my goodness that is just so adorable! I wish, wish, wish I'd thought to do that every year when mine were small. My youngest is 7 now but I guess better late than never. This is going on my "to do" list!

  6. says

    So cute. Laughed so hard when he was talking about his pasta – bow or curly pasta in a cheese sauce. Anything in it? Cheese LOL Happy birthday to him!

  7. says

    Hahahaha. I love this. And you'll be able to edit it into one big film when he's older, showing the changes in him.
    And it's great to hear your lovely voice – since we've never met.

  8. says

    That was GLORIOUS. Jellybean and I watched it three times through, and now I have to do one with him so he can be like the clever boy with the nice hat on who likes cheese.

  9. says

    What a lovely boy. Nice to hear your voice too..
    He's very polite too – saying pardon not what? 🙂
    I watched the one from last year, it's so funny!!

  10. says

    wow he is very clear and articulate for a just 4 yr old, brilliant answers to the question – love the cheese answer to the cheese sauce question, almost said as if it was so obvious you should know!!
    Such a clever thing to do and such a great way to see how they grow and change.
    I agree he was not overly distracted, when we made the epipen video with Fifi we had to break it down into 10-12 second chunks as she could not sit still any longer and fidgeted like hell, and she was 9

  11. says

    A simply brilliant video! I love it :). I love the fact that he likes cheese sauce with 'cheese in it' and when you ask about the favourite snack, its when he points to the woodlice! Also enjoyed the action for trampoline! Thank you so much for linking this post to the BritMums Carnival.

  12. says

    I love this idea!! and i love the fact that he is so articulate! even if he is a little distracted! i love the fact he loved 'these clothes' lol

    Thanks for linking up with #Magicmoments x


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