AppCards: Card Games For Mobile Devices (Review)

We are a big fan of games in this house, both tangible board and card games, and those on the iPad. Therefore when I were offered a selection of 'appCards' to review, I jumped at the chance to try out something that crosses over from one to the other.

AppCards are a perfect game to take on journeys or holidays, as well as for use in the house, as they take up such little space. The pack of cards and the tablet or smartphone is all that's needed to play. We were sent 'Sound Bingo', 'Colour Slam' and 'PimPamPet' to test out and took them with us when we went on holiday to Dorset recently.


We had a go of 'Colour Slam' because I always take age guidelines on games like this with a pinch of salt, but I'd agree that it's best suited to children aged around the '8+' guideline; my 7 year old nephew  and 10 year old niece love it. It's a very bright and funky game for the 'tween' generation, and fun to play with friends. It involved each player having four cards and trying to colour match the combination shown on the screen. Good fun for 8+ age bracket.

appCards Colour Slam

'PimPamPet' is one that foxed me I'm afraid, and that's more to do with my inability to understand games like this. In this word and general knowledge 'beat-the-clock' game which involves being provided with a topic by the app on the mobile device, and then using the seven cards from your pile to come up with an associated answer. However, there's an added level of 'robbing' from other players which led to this Leo the Lion becoming frustrated. Again this game is for 8+, and possibly not stroppy mummies who've not slept well!

appCards PimPamPet

The best one for us (as a family with a pre-schooler) was Sound Bingo. In this, there are four different coloured sets of cards, which makes it like a bingo board. Up to four people can play and each choose a colour which they select on the app, this lets the app know which colours to throw into the random generator of sounds. Players lay their cards out face up and the app plays an unknown sound. The player who has that sound declares it, and they swipe the screen on the mobile device to confirm. Once they have all their cards claimed, then the shout 'bingo'. This is a very simple and easy game, perfect for the 4+ age recommendation.

appCards Sound Bingo

AppCards are produced by Jumbo (the company behind the jigsaw puzzles and the iPieces games) and cost £9.99 each, available from a variety of retailers.

I was sent a copy of these products for the purpose of this review, my opinions are honest and unbiased.

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