Days 153-159 of Project 365

153-159 of 365

153. Peek-a-boo! (This is my favourite photo of the week. We went to Abbotsbury Swannery on the way home from holiday and The Boy was fascinated by the cygnets, some of which had hatched the day before. I could have included a photo of a cute and fluffy cygnet, instead it's this one of The Boy climbing in a tunnel of trees which I adore.)

154. Alien (I set up an invitation to play for him with playdough, feathers, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, matchsticks and lolly sticks and he created this fab alien.)

155. Spiderman! (We dropped my niece's present over for her birthday and The Boy was desperate to play in their 170 foot garden which has this fabulous spider's web climbing net.)

156. Mr. Bloom (Today we planted our seeds for the Britmums challenge: Kids Grow Wild with MoneySupermarket. The Boy hasn't quite got the concept of watering in moderation.)

157. Waterbaby? (I wish he was a waterbaby; his constant ear infections from November to March every year mean that he rarely goes swimming apart from in the Summer. This past Winter he had glue ear in both ears, with 5% reduction in hearing in his right ear and slightly more in his left. We were told by the doctor not to allow water into his ears and so he hasn't been since last September. Today we decided to give it a go, bought him some new armbands and a noodle-thing, and he absolutely loved it. He even managed to use both to try out backstroke legs, and was so confident in the water he went down the infants slide backwards. Think we'll be going weekly from now on.)

158. Fortress (After work, we decided to pop to Barry Island for some sandcastle building and I ended up building The Boy a small defense wall with a pit to sit in. I think we may have put the defenses on the wrong side though looking at the stormy skies behind?)

159. Squint (We popped over to Nana and Grandad's this afternoon, in between shopping and The Boy has great fun with his cousin and the playdough. Not exciting, just every day life!.)

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  1. says

    The Boy is very brave climbing that net. I love the peekaboo photo too. Lovely colours and he looks so cute with his hat on. Hope you had a good holiday.

  2. Kara says

    Adore the picture of him at the Swannery and can see why he ousted a fluffy cygnet.
    He does look a little stuck on the climbing frame though lol!!

  3. says

    Love the tree shot! My 2 love swimming, they go to swimming lessons once a week and the confidence is amazing. Glad to hear he enjoyed himself and did well. Ear infections are nasty things!

  4. says

    that first photo of him in the tree is brillaint – the light and colours and his hat! great photo. sounds like a lovelt week with lots of fun activities. the playdoh alien looks great and i am pleased he has managed some swimming – i hope his ear stays clear for you. oh and great spiderman climbing!!
    and the photo of him sat at his grandparents is very sweet – he looks younger somehow in this photo x

  5. says

    He looks like a great climber, not something that Leo is that good at compared to his friends. I guess that's a drawback of living on the 3rd floor!

  6. says

    A lovely collection of photos from your busy week! I have to say my favourite is of The Boy in the tree, he looks fab in that hat. Fingers crossed that the seeds aren't too waterlogged to grow.

  7. says

    wow how he has grown up this year, his confidence and skills are really coming out as well. Shame about the glue ear. mine have all had varying amounts of grommets over the years (along with tonsils and adenoids out).
    170ft is NOT a garden, its a field….

  8. says

    I'd love to hear more about the invitation to play? I'm starting to collect ideas together for the girls summer holidays and that sounds like fun, gorgeous photos this week. I have done 365 the last 2 weeks but bad connection prevented me linking up πŸ™‚

  9. says

    Love the first photograph so much. The tree is so gnarly it's fabulous! Love a good tree. I am consistent in my likes and love the beach shot too. Looks like it wasn't too busy which is always a bonus! Great spot of climbing there too x

  10. says

    Love the photo of the Boy climbing the tree, such wonderful colours and such an inquisitive expression.
    I hope the Boy carries on enjoying swimming, ours didn't go until we moved down here and they've become absolute water babies.

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