Room For Improvement

When we moved into our house eight years ago, one of the things that appealed to use was the outbuildings which had been converted into a wet room, with back garden access. We had it changed into a utility room and toilet, and the 'back porch' (as I call it) was a vital pathway through from the garden to the 'washroom' after gardening. I also knew that once we had a child that it would be an essential as it would enable him to run through without worrying about getting the carpet dirty.

So we painted the back porch the same colour as the kitchen (a burnt terracotta), laid some tiles, hung up a row of coat hooks and that was the job done!

Until a month or so ago when a blogging friend came to visit for the first time and I realised what an absolute mess it was and how embarrassed I was of the dumping ground for wellies, macs, seed trays, frisbees, trowels, and general things to go down to the shed.

Room for Improvement

About a week ago, I received an e-mail from Money Supermarket asking me if I'd like to take part in their Room For Improvement competition, where they would give me £50 to improve a room or area of the house. The 'back porch' screamed at me, begging me to make it feel loved and not like the ugly sister to the rest of the house, so I accepted, received the £50 and set off to Ikea for some goodies.

I bought:

  • While on holiday I nabbed a chalkboard, a paper lampshade and some craft skeleton leaves from a cheap touristy shop, which totalled £7.75. And from the cheerful chappy at the market on Saturday I spent £5.00 on a door mat to help keep the floor a little cleaner!
  • 2 x photos = 24p

Total Spend = £49.87!

Room for improvement

Here it is, a before and after comparison:

room for improvement

What do you think?

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  1. says

    Wow! It's made such a difference. It looks so light now. I really love the lampshade. And the plant pots in the wire basket, they look so effective.

  2. says

    wow what a great transformation ! you have done a great job and the white was a great choice of colour because it makes it seemed lighter and less dark of a space and cleaner and fresher. i love how you have brought a little of the outdoors indoors with the greenery and that lampshade. sooooo much better well done x

  3. says

    This is lovely, so bright and fresh. The plants are a lovely touch as well, so nice to bring a little bit of the garden indoors.

    We’re new to your blog and enjoying it very much!

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