Why I Love Pinterest (Pin It Forward)

I'm a visual learner (technically a visual-kinaesthetic learner), which basically means that I learn and remember things better once I see them, especially if it involves pictures. As a result, the 'bookmarks' function on most browsers doesn't do it for me as I forget that I've put something there.

That's why I love Pinterest.

Pinterest is a web-based facility which allows users to create virtual 'boards' with items or ideas on it that they like (grouped into categories if they are that organised). For example I am busy browsing the web at the moment for ideas for The Boy's pirate birthday party, I've got a 'pin it' button on my browser and I click that when I see something I like. It saves on the 'Pirate' board I have and allows me to browse the ideas quickly, and then (because it saves the original site's URL in the picture) I can revisit it easily for more details. Far easier to use than 'Bookmarks'!

The other great thing about Pinterest is that other people can 'repin' your ideas onto their own boards, and as a blogger who often writes about craft or play ideas, then it's a great way to share my ideas around the 'Pin-o-sphere'.

Finally, I really enjoy the collaborative boards that can be created on Pinterest. I'm a member of several craft boards, but also run a few boards myself which help promote fun food for children, family days out or outdoor play. My favourite board at the moment is my 'Natural Childhood' board which has over twenty bloggers sharing ideas and prompts for outdoor play.

This month sees the Pinterest campaign 'Pin It Forward' kick off, involving 300 bloggers from a cross-section of interests. The campaign is designed to be the official launch of Pinterest in the UK, although I've been using it for around eighteen months now and have fifty-six boards as a result. As a part of the campaign, I have the honour of introducing another 'Pinner' to my readers, and it really is a pleasure to introduce Christine from Thinly Spread, and her Family Gardening collaborative board.

Thinly Spread was one of the first blogs that I started reading back in 2010, and Chris is a little bit of a blog-crush of mine, especially with her idyllic life with her Ransome-esque family in Somerset. Nip over and check out her wonderful boards full of country goodness for that wonderful feel-good inner glow.

Nip over to Pinterest now, and see what all the fuss is about!

Pin It Forward UK 2013

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  1. says

    Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward! You have discovered amazing inspirations on Pinterest for kid-friendly recipes, fun family outings and play ideas- these boards are great for all parents! I love the Pirate party drinks- you'll have to let me know how the pirate goes, I'm sure the boy will have a blast! 🙂 Lauren, Community Coordinator

  2. HPMcQ says

    pinterst is the best thing ever! I was addicted from the first moment I laid eyes on it. I started a blog hop of pin it forward posts, lovely if you fancy joining in and sharing some pinlove x

  3. says

    I still am not really using Pinterest properly which is silly since Coombe Mill is such a visual business. I still need to free up some time to get to grips with it properly and not just pin and run as a chore!

  4. says

    Every six weeks or so I will think "I really must get the whole pintrest thing" and I'll log in, have a very active hour or so, then remember that I just don't get it and leave again. I wish I got it!

    I am much more of a word person though – and pictures just blur into nothing in my mind; I like scribbled words.

  5. says

    I go through phases with Pinterest- sometimes I get completely sucked in, especially when I'm looking for ideas and things. Other times I just browse for a while. It's a very addictive place to be though!

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