Days 139-145 of Project 365

139-145 of 365


139. Mr. Bloom (Helping mummy in the garden, desperately trying to get the garden tidy for his party in a few weeks.)

140. Polygons (I opened up a packet of coloured lolly-sticks with the purpose of making a craft picture, but The Boy had other ideas.)

141. Look into my eyes! (Nana bought both of her grandsons a new pair of glasses, The Boy thought they were hilarious.)

142. Listen! (I came in from work to find The Boy and Nana playing beautifully in the garden, he was standing there listening out for me, and this is the pose he pulled when listening to see if daddy was coming home.)

143. Sumpmarine (The Boy made another shape using his maxi Hama beads set, this is supposed to be a steam boat, but he's convinced that if he removes the funnel then he can make it into a sump-marine.)

144. Pea-popper! We'd bought some peas in the pod on Tuesday at the garden centre, and The Boy helped me prepare them for dinner yesterday. He loved popping them out, even if it did take eleventy billion hours!)

145. Jump (We ventured out in the Chevrolet Orlando which I have been sent to review for the next week or so, and headed over to north Cardiff to a wonderful park called Cefn Onn. A narrow and long park running up through a small valley on Caerphilly Mountain, there is a wonderful woodland planted with a plethora of rhodendrum bushes, and alongside the abundance of fallen trees, it's a wonderland for a little boy!)

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  1. says

    he looks so grown up in the photo from today doesn't he? and got to love those comedy glasses lol well done Nana!
    and him tilting his head to listen for his daddy coming home is really sweet, bless him. i like the pea popping one – its a great angle to have captured him x

  2. says

    I agree the glasses one is hilarious but I do love the listening photo too. The light and the pose are adorable. Looks like the weather is finally being kind

  3. says

    those glasses are great! We've had a hama beads kind of day today – we have so many of them now I'm not entirely sure what we'll do when she moves onto the middle size!! I wish we'd got a submarine template, it looks fun!

  4. Kara says

    Love his new glasses – awesome choice by grandma!!
    Can you send him round to tend to my garden please??
    Beautiful pics – love the one of him jumping from the tree!

  5. says

    He's growing up so quickly. He looks to be getting tall too! Love the action shot of him jumping, and the googly eyes. Pea podding is lots of fun, we grow them in the garden but they never get as far as the pan because we eat them straight from the pod too much.

  6. says

    I know I said this yesterday on FB, but the boy is really growing up isn't he? These are such lovely photos too, I especially like the gardening one- I love my garden an I love the kids helping out too!

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