"Curious George Swings Into Spring" (Review & Giveaway)

The past two-three weeks have seen The Boy querying the world around him. And I don't mean in a deeply philosophical and theological kind of way, there are no queries about God and the ether (although he is starting to ask about a time before him in an incredulous manner), or wondering why leaves are green for example. Quite simply he's noticing that Mother Nature is waking the world from its slumber and is asking about Spring and whether it's Summer yet. When we were in Roath Park earlier, I tried to explain to him that Spring turns into Summer quite quickly and we don't even notice it; he told me that it meant he could play outside for a really long time. Seasons are a tricky thing to explain you know!

When we arrived home, I remembered that last week we've been sent a review copy of 'Curious George Swings Into Spring', and as he needed some downtime (he'd gone without a nap) I popped into the DVD player and we settled down to watch it.

This is The Boy five minutes into the DVD:


Apparently, Bambi wasn't very impressed he couldn't see. However, you'll notice that this is a little boy captivated. And with good reason.

Curious George is a special little monkey that lives in a city in America with The Man In The Yellow Hat, and in this feature-length episode he is taken to the park to experience all the wonders of Spring. Experiential learning at its best. One day he has a trip to the countryside with his best friend Hundley (a dachshund) and they get lost while exploring their environment. This is the point that a sensitive Boy became a little worried that they wouldn't return to their families, but all way ended happily. Not without a little monkey mischief along the way.

This DVD is a delight, and based on the original books from the 1940s by Hans Augusto Rey and Margret Rey, the storylines are simple and innocent; just the type of thing that I like The Boy to watch.

Curious George Swings Into Spring was released today, available from all major retailers for £6.99 (RRP).

However, I have a copy to give away to one lucky reader who will be picked at random. Simply fill in the Rafflecopter form below to be in with a chance of winning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was sent a review copy of this disc for the purpose of this post, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. says

    "Mummy, why do girls wear tights?"
    "Mummy, why do girls wee sitting down?"
    or in public toilets "Mummy what do you need, a wee or a poo?"

  2. Tracy Nixon says

    I have been asked a few funny questions at bathtime! My were all born within one year of eachother so I often bathed all four together – 2 boys and 2 girls! So lots of pointing and giggles!

  3. ashleigh says

    My daughter used to always say embarrassing questions in public e.g why has that man got a big tummy etc!

  4. melanie stirling says

    One day my son thought his dad had made a smell in public and shouted 'Dad,you've done a steak and kidney f*rt!'

  5. abby carroll says

    mummy why do you have big eye balls (pointing to my chest) and i have small ones ?? she is nearly 4 lol

  6. Julie Davies says

    when my son was very young and I was expecting my youngest child he had obviously seen my expanding tummy and in a very loud voice while buying ice cream at the seaside asked me when the man stood next to us with a huge stomach would be having his baby

  7. says

    To me: "How does the baby in your tummy get food?" (then cheerfully informed her surprised preschool class that "our baby gets food through THE TUBE") ALl I could picture was people eating McD on the London Underground…

  8. wendy stanger (@kikicomp) says

    Whys that Man got a belly like Daddy Pig? in a very loud voice as he walked past him!

  9. says

    one of mine is going thru a phase keep asking about dying,its a bit awkward at times like the other day im sat in a taxi and he keeps asking, the driver must be thinking why is this kid so fascinated with it

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