Cowboys And Rockets (Featured Post)

As part of my acceptance that September will happen and that The Boy will have to go to school, I've been starting to think about moving him out of his beautiful nursery into a big boy bedroom. Only starting to think about it however, but the realisation is there.

I've been toying with a variety of themes for his room, and as I'll be painting a mural on his walls it has to be something that can last a few years; I really don't want to have to repaint a very complicated picture after only a year or two. There have been a variety of ideas from a zoo, space, the countryside, pirates, the sea, a farm, the wild west with cowboys and then back to space again. Knowing me, I'll probably try and fit all of these in to the small room and completely overpower it! I have a vision of a landscape (of some sort) and the sky fading up to a darker blue with a rocket zooming through the stars and planets. I just hope it won't be too much!

Of course the added complication comes when finding soft furnishings to match. Many of the bedding sets I've seen are quite stereotypically boyish, which is not The Boy. I definitely prefer the hand-drawn style prints that are available as they look more child friendly. However, finding curtains and bedding to match is very difficult and leaves me to think about buying a ream of fabric and making it. This Gary curtain fabric turquoise fabric seems ideal as it has the watercolour and hand-drawn appearance that I've been hankering after, plus it isn't too boyish.

Gary Curtain Fabric Turquoise

I think a picture like this would make an ideal mural for a young boy's bedroom. The only question is where I can still have rockets zooming through space three foot above a cowboy and his horse?

This is a featured post.

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