Sigg With Cuipo: One Metre At A Time (Review)

Since I first started reviewing SIGG eco water bottles (nearly two years ago) I have purchased no more than five plastic water bottles. That's an absolute maximum, and a generous top limit at that.

The first thing we do when we get ready to go out is fill up our water bottles and put them in whichever bag is accompanying us. And, by the time we've brought them home again, they're empty. We're drinking more, saving money, and reducing the amount of rubbish in landfill sites. My first post about our SIGG bottles provided the statistic of having prevented me from buying approximately fifteen bottles in that first month.

15 bottles a month x 23 months since I had my first SIGG bottle = 345 less bottles in landfill.

(It has its downfalls; there are loads of craft activities I've seen on Pinterest that I can't do because I have no plastic bottles!)

The latest collection of SIGG bottles that found their way to us, were produced under collaboration with The Cuipo Rainforest Preserve is in Panama. A rainforest which was once protected from the outside world by harsh geography is under threat of deforestation due to improved transportation. Agriculture, logging, development, mining, and tourism have all played a part in its destruction. have managed to secure 3,300 acres of this rainforest and through the campaign 'One Metre at a Time' are working to safeguard and preserve square metres of the rainforest, one metre at a time. There is a range of products available to purchase which allow the customer to redeem a voucher and therefore 'Save a metre'. And the campaign is also helping to teach indigenous people the skills required to protect their land by becoming park rangers.

And this is where SIGG come in. Each SIGG bottle sold saves one square metre of the rainforest. The first set of Cuipo bottles from SIGG are available in 0.6 and 0.3 litre sizes. Customers purchasing a SIGG Cuipo receive a unique activation code and by entering the code on the Cuipo website, the customers can view their square metre of rainforest via Google Maps.

We were sent the 'Steve the Sloth' (for me, how apt!), 'Bring Your Own Bananas' (Mr. TBaM) and 'Tiko' (for The Boy) bottles to try out and redeem our three metres. And they were just the thing to quench our thirst on a warm Spring day full of frisbee throwing and tree climbing. We may not have tropical rainforests over in Wales, but The Boy certainly treasures any forest he can get to grips with!

recyclable water bottles

The special edition SIGG Cuipo bottles are available from both SIGG online and the Cuipo website directly, from £16.49.

I was sent these products for the purpose of this review post, my opinions are honest and unbiased.

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