Days 104-110 of Project 365

104-110 of 365

104. Two Years On (I'm a little bit of an Instagram addict and follow the actual Instagram's feed with interest. Every weekend they have a challenge called the Weekend Hashtag Project and last weekend's emulated the photography style of the blog Dear Photograph. As we were heading to Porthcawl anyway for the Chris & Pui Show, I dug out a photo of The Boy on the beach there from Father's Day 2010. A very windy day made it tricky to get an exact line up but I'm really chuffed with this photograph.)

105. Bubble Monster (Monday was absolutely beautiful and we played out in the garden for nearly three hours, most of that without a coat on. The Boy filled the garden with bubbles from his bubble blower that we'd bought him in Butlin's.)

106. Plopping (After dropping my car off to the garage to work out where a slightly alarming oil leak was coming from, we walked up to town for our second breakfast, then through the park and down to the beach. A quick scoot along the pier and the beach front, then down the lifeboat ramp to plop some pebbles into the sea, before walking home through the tree-lined Victorian avenues where The Boy promptly fell asleep. I collapsed on the sofa for half an hour having just completed a six mile round walk, before having to walk two miles back to the garage to pick my car up.)

107. Snuggle Down, Sleepyhead (It's a Wednesday – work day – and therefore it's a bed photo!)

108. Masterchef 2013 (On Thursdays I get home earlier from work and so we have time to play. I gave The Boy various ingredients and he decided to 'bake' us a ginger cake with his 'cooker'.)

109. Through The Kitchen Window (When we bought this house and did all the work on it, we had the kitchen window made bigger. I dreamed about the day that I'd see my child/ren playing in the garden while I cooked their dinner, etc. Today that came true, and I just stood and watched him for ten minutes as he repeatedly rolled his hoops down the slide, retrieved them, climbed up the side of the slide and started again. I love him.)

110. Reflections (We met up with my brother and his family in Roath Park today on a very sunny afternoon. One of his favourite places is the hothouse and so we spent a pleasantly sticky forty-five minutes watching the koi carp and terrapins in the pool before sauntering around the lake and feeding the swans. Life doesn't get much better!)

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  1. says

    i was watching my two play earlier out of my window too and loving such a simple mummy pleasure!
    another round up of wonderful photos – the plopping one is nice as it is intriguing because you wonder what he is up to! and i love the master chef one – great imaginative ply captured there.
    sounds like a fabulous week made better by some spring sunshine at last x

  2. Kara says

    I adore the pictures you've taken as a time lapse – such a genius idea and that reflection pic is just Ah-Maz-ing!!!!!

  3. Me_andthe_tiny3 says

    Gorgeous photos again this week, you always seem to pack so much into a week. The boy looks so cute all snuggled in his blankets, but my favourite shot by far is reflections

  4. says

    Great photos. I love the one of the reflection, very clever. I'm looking forward to watching my two from the kitchen window too – at the moment they still need watching from outside!

  5. says

    I absolutely adore seeing all the Dear Photograph photo's, it such a fantastic idea and the stories are so often really interesting. Will you do the same in another two years? The bubbles photo is lovely and really captures the fun of them and i LOVE the final photograph with the reflections. Quite stunning.

  6. says

    Wow you have some stunning pictures this week. Very hard to pick which one I like best but think it would have to be the bubbles picture πŸ™‚

  7. says

    Oh I've been loving your instagram pictures this week. So creative and wonderful to see how the landscape has changed. Love the shot of the boy holding the pic on the beach. Perfectly in line!

  8. says

    Gorgeous photos, as always. I love the bookends for this week – the 'Dear Photograph' shot is evidence that a picture really does speak a thousand words, and the reflection shot is really beautiful.

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