UGG Classic Children's Boots (Review)

Marmite. Peanut Butter. Robbie Williams. UGGs.

Things that you either love or hate.

My husband is of the opinion that marmite is foul. Personally I don't like peanut butter or UGGs.

It's probably a little surprising to see UGGs in that list as this is in fact a review for them, but I'm nothing if not honest. I suspect the PR is currently wondering what I'm playing at. However, the great thing about opinions is that they can change.

And mine most firmly have.

We were asked if we'd like to review some UGGs, and I decided to choose a pair of children's classic UGGs in chocolate brown for The Boy. I chose chocolate brown because I figured that they'd help hide any mud that he might decided to decorate them with; being three and a half this is always a wise move.

I knew they were sheepskin lined, and in the middle of Winter when it's cold (and dry) I figured they'd be a great choice of footwear as they'd keep his little feet nice and toastie warm. As aware as I am that it's now Spring, it's still incredibly chilly sometimes, not enough for his fur-lined wellies, but still a bit nippy on some days. As his feet have slowed in growth, I also ordered a size too large so these can last well into Autumn.

The sheepskin is of a good quality, the fur side doesn't feel synthetic or stifling as is often the case with sheepskin. The suede exterior is smooth and thick, and appears able to withstand quite a battering (UGG also sell a cleaner and conditioner which has good reviews posted on the site). The sole of the boot is quite thick indeed with a good tread on it, enough to stop little ones from slipping, and to withstand clambering over pebbles and park detritus.

UGG children's boots

And what's more The Boy loves them!

At £110 they're not a cheap option for children's footwear, and in all honesty they are beyond our current, limited budget. That said, they are an excellent quality boot which are going to last The Boy for about the next year. I have no doubt that the quality of the material will withstand life with a little explorer, and that during the colder days they'll keep his feet very warm and dry due to the thick sole. Therefore UGG boots do seem to fulfill the wise philosophy of quality lasting.

So it transpires that I am a convert to the benefits and style of UGG boots, and I may* have been eyeing up a pair for myself.

I still hate peanut butter though.


We were sent this pair of boots for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. says

    I love Marmite and UGGS. I like (wouldn't say love) peanut butter. Robbie who? But I do love UGGS – I used to have a genuine pair from Australia before they became globally fashionable. I couldn't afford them now though. Possibly the most comfortable footwear I've ever worn.

  2. says

    I hate all of the above except UGGS. I just bought Miss C a pair and they feel so lovely inside and the soles look so strong that I'm 100% sure they won't wear down before she outgrows them. I bought hers in a sale for £50 so a bargain was found too! But I love them and she'll definitely get plenty of wear out of them. And if your PR is looking for any more reviewers, tell her to come visit me 😉 LOL Great review.

  3. says

    This review has made me laugh- so I read it all!
    I'm so tempted by Uggs (for me)… I get put off by seeing lots of people wearing them where they seem to walk over their arches and the soles are lopsided… is this just bad foot work or anything to do with the design? The soles on The Boy's look pretty good so bamboozled!

  4. Jane Brown says

    Lovely, but too expensive for little ones whose feet grow so quickly, I doubt they would get the wear out of them. For myself on the other hand…..

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