Dishmatic (Review)

In April of last year I was sent a clever little washing-up device, the Dishmatic sponge and reusable handle. It might seem like it's not a terribly exciting product on the surface (after all it's a washing up sponge) but it's the only thing that we've used to wash up with in the past year; all other sponges have been thrown in the bin.

Despite the fact that I don't do the washing up (a condition of accepting his marriage proposal), the device used for washing up is something that we have had minor disputes about in the past. Mr. TBaM liked a sponge, I insisted on a brush because of the abrasiveness and the additional pressure via the handle. He looked at me scornfully and pointed out that I don't do the dishes and therefore didn't get an input.

He had a point.

However, I felt very happy that the Dishmatic was a good compromise; a sponge on a handle. Hence binning all other brushes and sponges since getting the Dishmatic a year ago. The only other problem was that we still needed a scourer for when I became too enthusiastic with the length of time a cheese sauce was on the stove, for example. That was until I was sent more of the Dishmatic range recently to review.


The Dishmatic basic system is a hollow handle which is filled up with the washing up liquid, there is a small hole in the top of the unit which dispenses a small amount of the liquid. However, there's also a brush attachment and a scourer along with the two different grades of sponges. They slot onto the end of the handle and the washing-up liquid is dispensed through the small hole in the end of the handle through the attachment. And they can be interchanged mid-washing-up session to suit the needs.

The Dishmatic system is available to buy online or via most supermarkets and DIY stores. And I thoroughly recommend getting one, they're effective and cost-effective in the amount of liquid they use.

I was sent the above products for the purpose of this review, my opinions are honest and unbiased.

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