Days 83-89 of Project 365

83-89 of 365

30th march 2013

83. Look Mummy! (We left for our Butlin's Ambassadors' holidays a day early to break up the journey, and called into Westonbirt Arboretum on the way – more on that in another post. It's an amazing Forestry Commission site, but dear God it was cold. We braved -3Β°C to explore the play area and some of the old arboretum, and The Boy really showed his growing ability and confidence at tree climbing!)

84. View (Checking into our hotel room in The Ocean Hotel, we discovered that we had a gorgeous view from the fourth floor over the resort. The Boy has been out on the balcony at any and every opportunity this week to catch a glimpse of his beloved helter-skelter.)

85. Plopping (A day trip to Brighton, which was an opportunity that I couldn't let pass when down this way. I've wanted to visit the West Pier for a long time and I find the condition of it so very sad. How it's been allowed to lapse into such a terrible state of disrepair over the past thirty years, is beyond me. Our seaside heritage is one of the things that makes Britain special, to see such a beautiful example of Victorian architecture destroyed is shocking. The remaining pier was a let-down, and so we spent a good amount of time 'plopping' on the beach, having already enjoyed the wonders of the Royal Pavilion.)

86. Round and round (We had passed a walled park several times this week, peeking over the top was a zip-wire and wooden climbing frame. A quick Google showed it to be Hotham Park, which we visited on Wednesday afternoon. The park was amazing, and for most of the hour or so we were there, we had it to ourselves. I even had a go on the zip-wire myself; a first! The Boy found a very different swing to those we are used to, and really enjoyed spinning around watching the sky swirling.)

87.Β I Can Cook! (This is one of the shows that we've been looking forward to all week. The Boy is completely captivated by Katy's antics on CBeebies and, even though this show wasn't presented by her, he couldn't wait to see today's show. I had to sit him at the front with all the other children, and then join the adults at the back. That was until I heard a frantic 'mummy!' being screamed from the front when the character 'Naughty Salt' was being chased by 'Lucy' around the audience. The Boy hates naughtiness of any description, and it really upset him. Another frantic 'MUMMY!!!' and I'd managed to scoop up his little sobbing body. Apologies to the three parents whose fingers I stood on en route.)

88. By the seaside (Today's photo had to be one that summed up our Butlins Ambassadors break in Bognor Regis; sunshine, deckchairs, cheerful smiles but biting winds. Hats and gloves, long johns and rosy cheeks were the order of the week, but dear God we had fun!)

89. Which ride first? (I won a competition for us to visit Legoland for the launch of the Lego Hero Factory, Build and Test Area. We've never been there with The Boy before, the only other time was actually ten years ago, well before children were thought of, and we commented on the time that it was a pointless place without them. Today we got to try many of the rides that we'd seen then, and how they had expanded the park. Freezing conditions meant that we lasted from 9.30-4.00 but gave up early to head home after a tiring week. The Boy adored the park and the rides were a good length for him to enjoy them, he loved looking over the park map to see where he'd been or which he was going on.)

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  1. says

    What an amazing week it looks like you've had.

    Glad you got to Brighton, it's such a shame about the pier but people have tried to buy it but for various reasons it's just never happened. Once Chris Eubank wanted to buy it and build ahouse on the eend of it.

  2. says

    What a lovely fun-packed time you had at Butlins. So many happy memories to look back on. Love the pic of The Boy looking down on all the good rides to go on and things to do!

  3. says

    I'm still here at BR Butlins and your photos make my heart skip, I must try harder tomorrow πŸ™‚
    REALLY looking forward to seeing you soon x

  4. says

    I have never been to a Butlins type resort ever. Or Centre Parcs or ANYTHING! I really want to go, especially now I have the kids – just to find out what it's all about because everyone always seems to have such great times there.

    I love the I can cook picture – The Boy looks so pleased!

  5. says

    Lovely photographs again the first with him looking out of but line is really magical. I wonder if he will remember that view in a couple of decades? I reckon so. And the Brighton beach shot is my other favourite. Spent many a day there over the years (usually bank holidays since it is so close to London) and was so sad watching the pier burning on the news a few years back. I am not really sure there is anything they can do about that. Perhaps one day they will rebuild it but it won't ever be the same x

  6. says

    Oh! I've been so looking forward to reading about your week. It looks wonderful. That winning smile looks like it hasn't left his face. I'm definitely adding Butlins to our list to visit in the future.
    I think my favourite shot is the Brighton photo. I love the compostion of it with the abandoned pier in the background and completely agree with your thoughts on it's sad condition.

  7. says

    these are fabulous photos and who cares that it wasnt sunny and warmer – you have captured the most important thing about your break – how much fun the boy had and how much he loved it. i love the first photo of him over looking the amusements – what a sight to behold! i also love his face on the swing and how you have caught him throwing the stones off Bighton beach into the sea. great photos x

  8. says

    I haven't been to Butlins for years – it used to be a local haunt for us, so I would love to go back. Much as I love the shingle beach though, I prefer Bournemouth's sand!!

  9. says

    Great view from your room. Just a pity it isn't a bit warmer so you can enjoy standing out there a bit more. Brighton is lovely – we spent a night there the other year when H was about the same age as the boy.

  10. says

    it looks like you had an amazing week. i hope the boy still managed to enjoy the rest of the i can cook show.

    your balcony view looks amazing.

    I'm also glad you and the boy enjoyed legoland as much as we did

  11. Johnson Babies says

    Gorgeous photos of the Boy. Love the balcony and 'plopping' shot.
    We stayed onsite for the five days, and looking at your piccies it's amazing how two experiences can be so different (and equally enjoyable!).

  12. says

    Brilliant first photo of The Boy on the balcony with the fairground in the background.
    I'm glad he enjoyed Legoland, well done for lasting so long there.

    Thank you for linking up.

  13. says

    Butlins looks great, and I love the photo of The Boy in the deckchair. I was at Legoland for the launch of the Hero factory too. Such a shame I didn't know you were going.

  14. says

    Looks chilly! But looks like he had a great time anyway. I wonder if he'll grow up liking the cold, as it's just part of his normal every day life? As an adult, I know I could never get used to it. My California roots go to deep!

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