Days 76-82 of Project 365

76-82 of project 365

76. Sensory (Having spent the day in bed, completely drained and aching from a flu bug, I managed to drag myself downstairs and set up a light play box for The Boy. I used waterbeads and small submersible lights in plastic Easter eggs and The Boy had great fun playing with them.)

77. Eggy Sticks (We started decorating the polystyrene eggs I'd bought him for Easter. I put them onto kebab skewers as it makes them easier to paint without getting paint everywhere! It's taken all week to finish them off as we both fell ill with the flu bug and recovery has been very slow.)

78. Decay (I couldn't quite bring myself to throw out my dying tulips as the colours and shapes were gorgeous!)

79. Daddy Robot (Today was Mr. TBaM's birthday and The Boy was desperate to get him a robot costume, no easy task for an adult!)

80. Tired Eyes (We had to fly solo today as nanny, who had been looking after us all week, came down with the dreaded flu bug. I'm ashamed to say The Boy spent the day being entertained with the television, iPad or laptop. Dreadful parenting!)

81. 'Ear, 'ear (We set to making our Easter Bunny mask yesterday, as we'll be away in the week leading up to Easter.)

82. Speckled Egg (We finished off our Easter decoration eggs today, far from eggs-citing but I'm panicking about packing before our holiday tomorrow!)

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  1. says

    nothing to feel guilty about entertaining the boy with the TV and gadgets – i have also had to resort to that a few time over the last 3 weeks . its not like its all the time is it??
    lovely photos – those water beads and lights look like a lot of fun and i cannot believe MrTBaM was give a robot outfit lol
    the eggs look pretty and very neat
    hope youare both feeling better now x

  2. says

    Sorry you've all been poorly. We have too. You've still had a great week of photos. Love Mr TBaM's robot suit, and well done you for fulfilling the boy's wish. I love the exploded tulips, they are one of my favourite flowers and I love them most when they are teetering on the edge of decay and are at their biggest and most beautiful.

  3. says

    The light sensory box is amazing. I've got to go and find out how you've done it now. The robot costume made me laugh. It's brilliant! Hope you're feeling better x

  4. says

    I hope you are well and truly recovered and ready for your holiday.
    Every now and again it is perfectly acceptable (and necessary) to use the TV as a babysitter. Not bad parenting at all x

  5. says

    from H "why is daddy dressed as a robot?" (I explain why) "haha, I like that a lot! Can we get my daddy one?"

    Love the light sensory box too!

  6. says

    I'm so sorry you've been unwell 🙁 Just popping over to read the light box post as I didn't get chance before. As always, your photos perfectly capture your week and I have to say that I LOVE the concentration on the boy's face!

  7. says

    That light sensory box looks fab!! Must try that…

    sorry you have not been well…..I've had it all week too and only just managing to catch up with some of the 365 posts

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