Eco-Climate Week Challenge

I always try to be a bit of an eco-warrior on the sly, which is why I'm currently sat here in my fleece with socks and slippers on, rather than turning the heating up another degree. The temptation's strong, I can tell you, but I shall resist.

And this week it seems significant to make that effort as it has been Climate Week, Britain's biggest climate change campaign, where people all over the country have hopefully been thinking about how they can live and work in a more sustainable manner. Quite frankly, anyone who continues to believe that the world's climate is NOT being effected by our behaviour, needs to remove their head from the sand, take off their blinkers and look around at what we are handing over to our children.

We were sent a number of items from Andrex to see how we could make some small changes as our contribution to Climate Week.

andrex ecoclimate week

We already compost as much as possible or use the council's food waste collection, recycle everything that can be, use reusable shopping bags (Wales charges 5p per plastic bag), and Mr. TBaM ditched his car eight months ago in favour of a bike, therefore the changes we made were:

  • fitted a Hippo water saver bag into the bathroom toilet;
  • worn socks, slippers and an extra layer rather than turn the heating up;
  • kept the heating below 22°C (believe me, this is huge for me!);
  • used a 'Showertime' to monitor and reduce the amount of water used when showering;
  • filled the kettle with the exact amount of water required;
  • used Andrex Eco recycled toilet paper;
  • walking to the town centre for shopping.

For more tips on how to make your lifestyle more sustainable and environmentally friendly, visit Andrex's Sustainability website.

What one change could you make to become more environmentally friendly?

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  1. says

    Im gad I dont live in your house, my heating is set at 19oC and sometimes it gets turned off cos Im too warm, I would melt at 22. Me and hubby argue over filling th kettle if Im making a cup of tea it gets the bare minimum, he fills it nearly to boiling over for 1 cupful….grrrrrr
    My biggest no no is leaving the fridge door open when I take something out to use it and am going back with it, one I cant get put of though I have improved.


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