A Snowy Flashback

Settling down to peruse the delights in my Instagram feed, I knew full well that 95% of the photographs would be of the snow that has settled on the entirety of Great Britain. All of it bar this little pocket of south Wales nestled on the coast of the Bristol Channel.

We rarely get snow, and when we do it's not very much and it barely settles. It seems like the entire town is coated in salt preventing its inhabitants of having fun with the elusive white powder. We've had snow, I know we have! I distinctly remember a time back in the early 1980s when the snowfall was passed the tops of my wellies, which is incredibly high when you're six. That was probably the biggest snowfall in my lifetime, anything since has been no deeper than three-four inches.

It's got me thinking of the snow that The Boy has experienced.

a snowy flashback 1

This was The Boy's first experience of snow, the Winter of 2009-2010, and he was incredibly curious about the fluffy white stuff that was very cold on his baby hands. Mr. TBaM made an excellent snowman in both the front and back gardens, the snow stayed around for about a week to ten days.

Later on that year in the Winter of 2010-2011 we awoke one day to a glorious sight!

a snowy flashback 2

Unfortunately all we could do was sit and stare out the window at it; the snow was literally like powder and didn't stick together to make a snowman or snowballs, it just dissolved quickly leaving us wet and disappointed. It also prevented a repairman getting to me until two days before Christmas.

And that's it. We haven't had any snow since 18th December 2010.

In the porch a bright red toboggan sits waiting and has done since November 2011 when it was eagerly purchased before the shops ran out…

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  1. says

    That's beautiful!! That was 2 days after z was born and I was going bonkers with boredom in hospital right when you were playing :). Some really beautiful snowy pictures there!

  2. says

    Ah, lovely. You're too near the coast I think. We had snow but not enough to make snowballs or snowmen and then it dissolved in the rain. No fun at all. Lovely baby Boy photos. I was pregnant with Bud when the whole country was snowbound that year and terrified of falling. It was no fun at all.

  3. says

    I love the photos from TheBoys first Christmas. I also love the photo of him looking out of the window.
    If I could box up the snow from our garden and the close and send it to you I would.
    Thank you for linking up 🙂

  4. Jennypaulin says

    I don't think we have had any snow since nov 2010 when I was pregnant with Jenson. The one where it stayed icey for weeks due to the freezing temperatures. Didn't enjoy that much as čouldnt go anywhere. I think it's nice the first day and then that's enough because it causes too much mayhem!
    Lovely photos though and I am sure you will make use of that sleigh soon…….failing that go skiing abroad?
    Thanks for linking up x x

  5. Lauren says

    Lovely photos 🙂 I grew up on the coast in East Devon so we rarely got snow for the same reasons. 2 winters ago when temps got down to -15 we had snow and it was the worst I've ever seen it. it was even on the beach and I couldn't get to my parents house at one point! Taunton seems to be in a little tropical pocket of Somerset too – there is often heavy snow up on the Quantocks but hardly ever down in the town where we are!

  6. says

    I love the photo of him peeking out at the snow behind the curtain! Lucas hasn't experienced any snow yet but I can't wait until he does! It must be so much fun with a little one, seeing it all through the childs eyes. I hope we get some more so we can go sledging.

  7. says

    Lovely photos.
    We hardly get snow here too.
    Snow isn't what it used to be though is it? I remember growing up and having moon boots – and the snow coming up to my knees – and we'd get it every year – or maybe that's my magical childhood memory.

  8. says

    Lovely flashback and great pics. Must admit having had lots of snow in London (where I spent the last 17 years living) and now moving to Exeter and having no snow is very odd and I slightly envy my friends snow shots I am seeing BUT i think the positives of the move outweighs the one negative. This is the only negative so far which i think is pretty good!

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