Project 365: A New Year

I spent the last month or so alternating between;



"But it's my thing and I won't not be able to!"

So here I am, about to enter into my third year of taking a photograph every day. I tend to take a lot more than that but to concentrate on one that is technically good is hard work; the trick is not to make your child want to shove the camera lens into the nearest mound of playdough.

There's a lot of interest in the project at the moment and so I'm going to answer some FAQs and set out some guidelines here:

  • Project 365 involves taking one photograph a day, every day, for a year. It's your project and therefore it should be youtaking the photograph.
  • The photographs can be uploaded to either a blog (daily or weekly), Instagram, Tumblr, Posterous or (the official and original site). I've done two years of blogging it daily and I'm losing the will to live, therefore I'm going to put the images together into a weekly collage (using and blog it on a Saturday.
  • Each weekend I run a linky for the community. The point is to share either one favourite photo of the week in the linky or, if like me it's going to be a weekly collage, then the link to that round-up post. It is possible to link up Instagram images by finding the web version and using that URL. The linky can be found over on the 365 tab of my blog. It opens at 8pm on a Saturday evening and closes at 11.59 on Sunday night.
  • I ask that you include my 365 badge onto either the linked blog post or in a sidebar wherever the pictures are hosted (if possible). Not because I'm precious and want the information spread around, but because it means that people can find the linky more easily to see other entries and join in on the community.
  • There is a Facebook group here, it's private and you'll need to request access. As long as it's obvious to me that you're taking part in the project then you're in!
  • There's also a collaborative Pinterest board I've set up to share images. If you'd like to join then please let me know.

Here's the badge for the project, you can find the html code underneath in a nifty box thing done by Mr. TBaM.

See you on Saturday!

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  1. says

    I would very much like to join in with this years 365, I think I'll be doing the weekly collage too since I sometimes don't get time to even look at my blog every day but my camera is constantly attached to me so all is good =) I'm really looking forward to this!

  2. says

    I'm in! In 2011 I got as far as April and last year didn't bother but I'm pulling my sleeves up and giving it a go this year 🙂 (52 though!)


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