Sponsored Video: TomTom Unwraps The World

It's the time of year when we have plenty of television programmes rounding up the 'Top 100 … of 2012' and one of those that I enjoy more than others (who wants to watch the Top 100 celebrity cringeworthy moments?) is the programme that highlights the most successful television adverts.

It always amazes me the lengths that advertising companies will go to in order to promote their product. Some of them are very memorable (the Irish stout drink adverts are pure genuis) and others are quite frankly ludicrous. It must be an incredibly hard job to create an advert which gets people talking about your product having seen a thirty second mini-programme highlighting it, and some agencies are better than others at this.

See what I mean?

I've highlighted previously the amazing competition that TomTom held for people to win the chance to map a tropical location for their satellite navigation gadgets, and they've got another cracker this year!

TomTom is launching an online competition 'TomTom Gives you More' which encourages people to “unwrap the world” where players select a wrapped up continent and unwrap it. Once they have successfully unwrapped an entire route,  they’ll be able to upload a file (it could be a video, a song, a short story or even a poem) to explain why they should be selected to win the competition.

And the prize for this competition?

One of six unforgettable driving adventures for four people, either the: Ruta 40 in Argentina, the Garden Route in South Africa, the Grand Alpine Tour in Europe, the Malaysian Roundabout, the Australian Coastal Route, or the Pacific Coastal Highway in California.

Now I've driven the Pacific Coastal Highway in California and while moments around Big Sur were slightly white-knuckle, the vast majority of the route was astoundingly beautiful and intoxicating.

More information about the 'TomTom Gives You More' competition can be found here. There will also be thousands of other prizes to win, including TomTom navigation devices, Nike+ sport watches and gift vouchers. The competition runs until the 15th of January 2013.

This post has been sponsored by TomTom, but all thoughts are my own.

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