Country Kids: A Breath Of Fresh Air

Having been stuck inside for the best part of a week, if not longer, I felt we were all going a little stir-crazy. With a break in the weather today (it has poured most of the morning), we headed out to blow the cobwebs away on one of the beaches in Barry.

Our normal choice is Barry Island but I knew The Boy would want to build sandcastles and we needed to keep moving! We ended up going around to the Cold Knap instead to feed the swans on the lake there, and then going for a walk across the sands at Watchtower Bay.

Wrapping his lordship up well in his bargain outdoor weather suit from Matalan (I'm not entirely convinced his ear infection has gone unfortunately) and bargain sheepskin lined wellies from Trago Mills, we headed off to the lake to feed the swans. At the outside edge of the lake I noticed there was a load of inch long tiny fish scattered all over the pathway. Either it had been raining fish (!) or the wind which was creating waves across the lake, had blown enough water over the side and caused them to be washed 'ashore'. Looked very odd and I felt a bit sorry for them!

Following this 'brisk' stroll we got blown along the path went to explore the bay surrounding the old harbour in Barry Island; Watchtower Bay. We've played on the sand in the harbour before but never walked across the bay from the other side before. The tide was really low this afternoon, and perfect for sploshing, paddling, finding paw prints and tracking the animals (dogs) and chasing the billowing sand.

The wind this afternoon certainly blew away the cobwebs in our minds, and every other corner of our bodies! The Boy was getting a little tired and cold, as were we, but not really ready to go home yet. Resigning ourselves to the inevitable crush on a slightly damp Sunday we headed to softplay where I buried my head in my intermittent 3G, while they carefully picked their way through the non-warfare sections of the centre.

coombe mill

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  1. says

    Hooray for getting out! It really has been rubbish weather but eventually too much indoors just doesn't do it for mind or body! I am ashamed to say I haven't yet been to the beach yet this holiday but seeing your photos so makes me want to go. I am eyeing up New Year's Day as a possibility! Those overalls and hat look just the ticket on a windy beach for They Boy with his poorly ears. I hope they protected him comfortably. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

  2. Jenny Paulin says

    Ooops I missed this!
    I think as long as you are all wrapped up well and prepared for what ever might come via the unpredictable weather, then a lot of fun can still be had and visiting the beach is such fun! I keep telling te boys that as soon as I have my own car we will go too. Can't wait!
    Great photos and this has reminded me that B needs a new puddle suit! X

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