How To Wrap Presents Simply and Beautifully

In my top five jobs is listed 'traffic warden' (because I'm a schadenfreude) and 'professional gift wrapper'.

I adore wrapping presents at Christmas time, and I take as much delight in choosing the colour scheme of the paper, ribbon and additional decorations, as I do in choosing the present; sometimes more so! I have a tradition of settling down on Christmas Eve with everything spread out on the living room floor, a glass of Bailey's and 'Love, Actually' on the DVD player and wrapping away for hours on end, selecting the ribbon carefully while watching Hugh Grant shake his derriere around 10 Downing Street.

Therefore when Scotch asked me to create a video tutorial showing how to wrap presents with their products, and gave me the theme of 'simply beautiful gift wrapping techniques', I was ecstatic! I'm pretty sure that some people will watch this and nod, "Yes, that's what I do." and well done to you guys. However, if watching a headless me on this tutorial helps a few people create a little more finesse with their wrapping then I'm a happy green-headed bug.

I have used 3M Scotch Double-Sided tape and 3M Scotch Magic Tape in this video tutorial.

This video tutorial is sponsored by 3M Scotch.

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  1. Johnson Babies says

    Excellent post! I love wrapping presents but shy away from awkward shapes- never thought of sellophane-fab! And I didn't know how to get loose curls- so I've learned quite a bit tonight!!

  2. Jennypaulin says

    You do wrap very well, which I do not find surprising because you are a perfectionist. This is a great gift wrapping tutorial x

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