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Today we've been to Cardiff Castle to see Father Christmas ahead of his visit on Monday night. We went last year for the first time with my sister and her children, this year she went shopping with her daughter (for whom the big man hold no interest) and we took The Boy and my sister's son, with my mum, brother and his boy. Last year it was a really special trip, so magical for the boys, and we wanted to recreate that.

In preparation for our visit, we 'wrote' our letter asking for a robot and The Boy made a beautiful card.

The Boy was completely captivated by the experience and loved meeting Santa in such a beautiful and magical setting. He gave him his card which went down really well, and I helped to open the letter and then they had a very serious discussion about the requested toy, as you can see above. The elder cousins enjoyed it as well, but there was a small amount of scepticism upon their meeting. You see, there was a gap in the 'hair' of the Santa's moustache which showed the elastic holding it in place; a real shame.

Following this, we went and had a meal in Pizza Express which was great to spend time as siblings with the younger and older generation around us.

Originally the plan was to go over to the Winter Wonderland where the Coca-Cola trucks were visiting, along with a few of the mighty reindeers due to pull the sleigh on Monday night. It would have been brilliant, unfortunately the weather had other plans; it poured down and Cardiff was foul with surface water and dawdling shoppers. We came home instead.

However, we had managed to visit the Winter Wonderland a few weeks ago where old fashioned fairground rides proved a great source of entertainment for the three of us all as squeals of delight filled the air.

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    That is lovely, but I agree with you on the fact it was a shame that you could see the beard was fake. How hard is it to get a decent costume!

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    The weather really has let us down this week, caused us no end of problems but not stopped us getting out, just ended up as outdoor working more than playing! Glad you got to see Santa in the dry at the castle and a visit to winter wonderland before the rainy days set in. Lovely to see you back on Country Kids, I've missed the boys smiling face.

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