Monday 10th December 2012 – 'Exhaustion' (345/366)

This is the second time in a few weeks that he has fallen asleep in the car and we've had to carry him in to sleep in our arms. The Boy still naps during the day, much to many parents 'disgust' or disbelief, and I find myself having to justify my decision to them, it makes me cross. Occasionally on weekend, if we're busy, we don't allow him to nap so that we can carry on enjoying our family time together. On Monday when I was out with mum we did that, having also done it on Saturday. He was completely exhausted and fell asleep within minutes in the car on the journey home. Today he is very poorly because of over-tiredness.

This is why my son still naps during the day.

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  1. StephsTwoGirls says

    Oh gosh, wouldn't care about what anyone else says…. Some children just need more sleep!! My eldest still had a nap every day after school when she was in year 1 – aged 5-6! My other girl dropped her nap when she was 2 – so before my eldest. Winter time makes us all especially sleepy too 🙂

  2. says

    Bud still naps most days. He gets 12 hours sleep at night too. You know your child best and you keep him busy too. I know when Bud hasn't napped as he gets over-tired too. My niece and nephew used to nap after nursery when they were 3-4. I think it all depends on how stimulated and active your child and, lets face it, you know him best.

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