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Anyone who reads this blog regularly (or knows us in 'real life') will know that we're a technological family: my husband is a software developer and I'm an ICT co-ordinator. As for The Boy? His geek skills are coming along nicely, culminating in him hacking some security features on a tablet in the house recently…

In all seriousness, it's never been intentional that we use technology intrinsically in our lives but it is a marvellous tool to help modern day living that little bit easier. I would never have imagined thirteen years ago when I was travelling back and for from university on the train, playing Snake on my 'flippy phone', that I would now be able to reach into my handbag and pull out a device capable of taking higher quality photographs than my digital SLR, editing them and then sharing them on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and my blog within seconds of snapping the image. I certainly wouldn't have thought it possible to set my Sky+ box to record the latest episode of Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Panorama from school on my lunchbreak or in the supermarket.

It became apparent that technology had infiltrated all aspects of our lives when my mum (who can't turn on a laptop) asked if we'd help her buy a tablet so that she could find out information herself. And so she sits there in bed checking the pages she's liked on her Facebook account.

I'm having issues adjusting to be honest.

However, technology is becoming more a part of our lives and the market is flooded lately with the latest tablet PCs to wow us with their functionality. There's an awful lot of similar models and brands out there, and staying abreast of the competition is hard. The latest models have to have something extra that makes them stand out from the rest of them while not costing the Earth for the average family who may have it as their only computer.


For me, the ideal tablet for a young family has to: have user accounts and personalised profiles enabling safe usage for young children; be water resistant because I use it in the kitchen when I'm cooking, husband watches iPlayer whilst doing the washing up, and it comes into the bathroom so I can listen to music while showering; be lightweight for The Boy to use; and make everyday living easier.

The Sony Xperia™ Tablet seems to fit the bill perfectly! It has all of the above features and so much more, plus the funkiest bit is the remote control functions it has which allows the user to switch on the TV, cable box and home entertainment system, select inputs, and adjust the volume.

How cool is that?

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