Guess How Much I Love You? DVD

We've just watched the most delightful DVD that we've been sent in a while: Guess How Much I Love You?

I'm pretty sure that we're not the only household to own a copy of the book, or indeed the seasonal versions of the book, and they are a firm favourite at bedtime. Our latest 'guess how much I love you?' consists of 'the moon, the sun and the stars and then back home again!'

The books shouldn't need an introduction but I will give one in case anyone has never heard of them. Little Nutbrown Hare and his daddy, Big Nutbrown Hare, have adventures in the beautifully illustrated (with watercolours) and endearing story where they try to convey to each other just how much they love each other, with daddy always gazumping his son's proclamations. There is an additional set of books with a similar theme set in each season, showing the changes to nature throughout the year.

I've always loved this story so much; my 16 year old niece had the book as a child, my mum bought it for me when I moved away from the family home for the first time, and now The Boy has my copy as his own to read. I adore the book so much that it inspired his nursery…

This new DVD (released on 5th November 2012) features eight episodes, lasting nearly an hour and a half, including; Blossoms, What sound does the moon make?, Bedtime Story, and Big Like You, amongst others. In the episodes there are some new characters, Little White Owl and Little Field Mouse, introduced to help Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare with his adventures which promote love and friendship.

This is a truly lovely DVD to snuggle down on the sofa and watch at this time of year, and would make a perfect addition to any pre-schoolers Christmas stocking.It's available from all major retailers with an RRP of £9.99 but I've found it on Amazon for £5.00!

I was sent a copy of this DVD for the purpose of this review, my opinion (that I love it) is honest and unbiased.

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