Naughty Or Nice?

Every Christmas with The Boy brings new magic and wonder.

His first Christmas was awash with wide-eyed wonder at the lights and sounds. It was a riot of colour and he couldn't get enough of it all. He also crawled for the first time within days of the big day. On his second Christmas he helped me to 'decorate' the tree, even though it had already been done, and the 'ope' (-ning) of presents was a magical experience. Last year was the first year that he understood the concept of Father Christmas coming and bringing us presents, and that it was a special day.

However, this Christmas?

I can't wait.

The Boy's started to ask when it is and we've talked about it being after Autumn (which is lasting an awfully long time in this house, all the way up until December 1st!). With the shops all decked out in tinsel and goodies to buy, it's hard for him not know that it's going to start happening soon. With our involvement in the 'Countdown to Christmas' in the craft blogging world, we've already been making cards and pictures, I have no fear that my son does not understand the concept of glitter!

The 'carrot' that is used by so many parents of Father Christmas bringing presents to good children is one that I never thought I'd use, but there has been occasion over the past fortnight when I've had to once or twice! I'm very keen for him to understand that he's not just going to receive a load of presents just 'because'. This is the first year that we're going to attempt to create a letter to the jolly man himself (who can of course interpret a whole load of squiggles into the toys that The Boy means) and in return he will receive a letter from Santa Claus himself. The fact that it will be a video with Santa actually saying his name and referring to events that have happened throughout the year will completely delight The Boy and drive home that Father Christmas is always watching!

Do you write letters to Santa with your child? Does he write one back?

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  1. says

    What a sweet idea!

    Blimey I must be a terrible mum – I tell mine that I have Santa's mobile. All I have to do is reach from my phone and it stops her in her tracks!

  2. says

    H is still too young to understand the idea of Father Christmas, or Christmas at all really but I know he will adore opening his presents. He grabs every bit of post that comes through the door (usually bills!) and says "For me!" and rips them open.

    Certainly each year he has been fascinated by the lights, the sparkles etc. Coming up to his third Christmas (he is 2.5) we still haven't taken him to see Father Christmas but I want to this year. And as for crafts, I just cannot get him to sit still long enough!

  3. says

    I'm so looking forward to this Christmas. Bud will 'get' it more this year – similar to how I imagine The Boy was last year, having this and Little Miss' first Christmas will be really special.

  4. says

    This will be my first Chrimbo with Dexter so I'm hugely excitied. Usually I'm such a grinch. I literally sit there and moan about bad tv, the weather, the fact the shops shut early… this year I can't wait!!!

    I've already bought Christmas decorations and music! I'm planning on dressing up Dex as Darth Vader as a special suprise for Craig (he's Stars Wars mad) xx

  5. says

    The Boy is at the perfect age for Christmas this year. It will be amazing for you all. I am quite sad that this will be the first year for me where I know that not even the triplets believe in Father Christmas any more, just pretend to please me!

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