Country Kids: In The Country Park

Near us we have a country park that started life as a quarry. During the 1980s it was flooded and turned into a country park and lakes, and is a popular place to visit on a weekend for a stroll around the main lake, a play in the park and a trek through the wooded area.

The recent rainfall meant that the lake was at least a foot higher than it should have been, the surrounding boardwalk was flooded. However, we took some stale bread and fed the ducks while shoo-ing away gulls with the umbrella (like Sean Connery in Indiana Jones). We took The Boy's bike for him to practise, although daddy had forgotten to raise his seat so he struggled a little. That mixed in with ruts in the path meant that he toppled over a few times, even with stabilisers on, but he got back on and continued pedalling away: good lad!

Today brought a new first; showing The Boy how to climb a tree! (As Coombe Mill has pointed out, it was one of the things to do before 11 and ¾!)

I must confess though that I am properly chilled to the bone now, time for me to invest in some thicker trousers (or even long johns?!) for our outdoor play, I think.

coombe mill

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It does indeed! The only bit of water that got in was when the leg rode up and the water splashed down his welly. I'd thoroughly recommend them; his is a Regatta one.

  1. says

    We really have coped for the rain this past week and burr to the temperature fall. It makes it so much harder to get outdoors with children but so rewarding when you do. Get those long johns and carry on! Tree climbing is a great boy skill, another on your list of National Trust things to do as I recall? Thank you for getting out there and linking up.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Oh yes, you're very right! I'm just amended the post above and gone and crossed it off on my original list. Plus I've crossed off feeding a bird by hand because The Boy got confused when he was at Coombe Mill and held his hand out to the ducks which pecked away at it! Unintentional, but it's been crossed off.

  2. says

    Oh yeah I have learnt to wrap up warm myself when out and about with my wee man. Looks like he had a great time! Love the variety of activities that you got through and learning to climb a tree is a VERY important life skill!

  3. says

    Bud has the same Regatta suit as The Boy's they are fab. We are currently reviewing a Hippychick one which he wore today and that is just as good. We had a lovely day today, taking the opportunity to get out into the sunshine even when it is cold is so important. I find that the children are toasty warm and I am less so. I might need the thermals too!

  4. Nichola says

    He looks like he's having a ball. I really love the puddle splashing picture, how I wish I could get away with doing things like that!

  5. says

    the weather has certainly turned bitterly cold this week – i need to invest in some gloves!
    lovely photos – such fun making such a big splash in the puddle and racing around on his bike. tree climbing is such a 'boy' thing to do isnt it? loving the red puddle suit too

  6. says

    I know what you mean about cold legs, mine take ages to thaw out after a walk! Lovely pics and good trees for a first go at climbing. My kids are very keen on that, though not always great at getting down!
    Thanks too for your lovely comment.

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